Despite instant messaging services making communication faster and simpler, emails have still held their position as essential communication tools. In fact, many projects are initiated based on an email confirmation from the official email addresses of all involved. Hence, it is surprising to find many businesses still using free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. While these services are good for personal use, when it comes to business communications, having a personalized business email ID is critical. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of Business Email Hosting to help you find the Best Email Hosting for your business.

  • Security

When you use a Business Email Hosting service and sign-in to your mail account, the POP/IMAP along with the data received and sent is encrypted by the provider. In fact, your session is encrypted too until you log out. This makes sure that none of the information shared or received by you is compromised by a cyber-miscreant. 

While email providers like Gmail and Yahoo offer good security tools, Business Email Hosting providers deploy highly advanced virus scanners to protect your emails from malware and viruses. Further, the provider also ensures that spam emails are quarantined before they hit your inbox.

  • Brand Image

Imagine receiving an email from a new Spa in the neighborhood from two email addresses:

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]

Which one would you trust more? The second one, right? Gmail is a free email provider, and a brand that is not willing to put effort into getting its own business email account doesn’t speak well for its image. Hence, by opting for Business Email Hosting, you enhance your brand image by instilling trust in your prospective customers.

3. Email Storage

Most people don’t clean their email inboxes regularly. It’s more of a spring cleaning activity for some, and many others just let them be. This results in the mailbox getting full. In the case of free email services, storage limitations are low. If you use a free service and your inbox becomes full, there is a chance of missing out on an important business mail. On the other hand, with Business Email Hosting, you can choose the storage space for your email account based on your business. If you are a photographer and need to attach heavy image files with your emails and possibly store them in your inbox, then you can opt for a business email service with gigabytes of storage if needed.

4. Cost-efficient

We understand that a free email account is … well, free. On the other hand, Business Email Hosting costs a small amount of money. However, the amount is really low, and the benefits offered far outweigh the costs. Hence, in the long-run, it turns out to be more cost-efficient than free email services.


As you can see, Business Email Hosting offers a wide range of benefits. While free email services seem to do the job, a business email account is simply more professional.