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Feb 17, 2014 (Irvine, CA) – Ei Dynamics, Inc., a market leader in affordable business automation software for the mid-market, today announced the 2014 release of Ei Dynamics.  This release highlights a new mobile workflow in…

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REDMOND, WA—February 12, 2014—Redmond-based IronBox, a leader in Internet security, data …

Led by [email protected]’s Tom Miller, the enhanced Partner Alliance Program enables VARs and professional services firms to grow their business by augmenting their portfolio of available solutions and expanding their support capability; it also provides partners with critical market intelligence and strategic direction for growth….

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The Technology of Onboarding New Manufacturing Workers

Unlike service sector jobs, where training and skillsets can often be mastered in a day, perhaps a week, stepping into a new manufacturing job can be nerve-racking. One of the most challenging tasks for new industrial workers (novices) is how to best work with senior, experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable colleagues. The path toward developing and maintaining positive working relationships is essential in the manufacturing sector because safety is at risk, quality products are at stake, and productivity is essential with pervasively thinning margins. It is important for manufacturing new hires to be armed with continuous messaging, tips, suggestions (from the plant floor) to acquire proficiency, competency, and collegial relationships to support best-practices and follow SOPs (standard operating procedures.)

Younger Industrial CEOs Demand Holistic Automation Services

Automation decision makers whether in manufacturing, industry, or material demand more than ever before. This insistence for better service has a direct correlation to the decreasing age of CEOs of manufacturing and distribution firms. In 1999 the mean age of the CEO in any industrial sector was sixty-one; by 2007 the age dropped to only fifty-two; now in 2013 it has dropped again to age forty-five.

Growing Small Manufacturers Demand Scalable Accounting Software Solutions

Like more than a million small manufacturers Quickbooks is generally the initial accounting software selected. While a fine solution, growing small manufacturers can quickly require more features, functionality, and control. Thus, the next step for growing manufacturers is to find solutions that integrate with the existing QuickBooks solution. The following article explores one companies journey to extend their small business needs with a more robust manufacturing solution.

Accounting for Change

The new economy requires a new way of doing business. Businesses must be flexible to accommodate the changes that arise in today’s rapidly fast-paced business environment, where mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and new regulations can change business needs at a moment’s notice. The following article provides a list of best practices to help you achieve the flexibility and visibility that you need.

Cloud collaborate with your clients

Ever wonder what your accounting or bookkeeping business could use more of? More time, and more clients would probably be pretty high up the list. It would be great if mundane yet seemingly unavoidable errands such as traveling to collect or deliver important documents were non-existent. What if there was a way to save time, increase your resources, improve your client list and dramatically cut your overheads and expenses in one fell swoop?

Tools to Improve Business Systems and Accounting Practices

Whether a CFO or the founder of a new start-up, financial managers of all stripes and in every type of business have an obligation to clients, employees and even shareholders to always work towards cost reduction and improved efficiency. This has meant letting go of antiquated accounting and business management practices in favor of the newest accounting software and business management systems.

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