This article will explain how to use the self service software portal to install and un-install applications on a university Windows machine.

How to access the Software Center

Begin by clicking the Windows search bar and search for Software Center.

After clicking and starting the application, you should be brought into the following screen.

Installing Software

In order to begin installing new software, make sure the Applications tab at the left of the window is selected. This will give you a list of applications available for you to install.

Select the software you would like to install by clicking it. Once you have chosen the software you would like to install, click the Install button.

Once you hit the button the software will begin to install. 

You can verify this and check the installation progress by clicking the Installation Status tab at the left.

Find the application you are installing in the tab to check on the status of the installation.

Once installed, the Installation Status tab will display the application as Installed.

Uninstalling Software

In order to remove software, begin by clicking the Installation Status tab. Next, find the software you would like to uninstall and click it.

Next hit the Uninstall button to begin uninstalling it.

Then on the Installation Status window you will see the software removing.

If you need to reinstall the software you just uninstalled, follow the instructions on installing software at the top.

Please also note:

  • Software availability is determined by your IT service provider.
  • Required updates will be installed automatically after their “required date” has passed.

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