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What's Wrong with my Site?

Key Findings

Here are the trends we uncovered after analyzing over 4 billion on-page SEO (search engine optimization) issues among 200 million page crawls.

78% of all on-page SEO issues were image related

83% of all pages use Google Analytics

29% of pages had duplicate content

4,500 On-Page SEO Issues Hold Back the Average Website

5 Most Common SEO Issues

Opening Remarks

Marketers have been using Raven’s Site Auditor tool since early 2013 to find on-page or onsite SEO issues with websites. For the first time, we’re releasing anonymous crawl data to the marketing industry.

Site Auditor has crawled and recrawled over 200 million webpages and found over 4 billion instances of SEO issues and counting…

Countless websites are in need of SEO optimization. We discovered marketers on average uncover more than 4,500 issues that could be affecting search visibility per website crawl.

This study outlines opportunities for you and provides benchmarks you can use when reporting SEO issues to your clients and prospects.

Cheers to data!

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder of Raven

Detailed Analysis

A. The Most Widespread On-Page SEO Issue Today

Image Optimization Biggest SEO Issue Landscape

Images with missing alt

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