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Helpdesk Ticketing System by Jitbit

Affordable, fast, lightweight and good-looking Helpdesk Ticketing System for your business.

All tickets at a glance

The main screen of the help desk software features a powerful grid showing all the information on your current tickets. You can easily sort and filter the requests, review the current statistics and even perform “bulk” operations without leaving the page. For example, assign multiple tickets to agents, merge, close, delete tickets or even post a common reply. Different list modes let you switch between “all”, “in progress” and “unanswered” ticketing queues. In addition, you can switch to the “assigned to me” tickets, requests from a specific company, a specific customer etc.

Whether you’re a tech support “agent”, an “administrator” or a “manager”, the grid easily adjusts to your current needs. This is the screen you’re gonna be looking at for the most part of your workday, so we’ve literally spent years polishing it.

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