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Gadget | Tardis | Fandom

Gadget was an exploratory robot used by the crew of the human Mars colony, Bowie Base One, in 2059. It was created and operated by American base technician Roman Groom.

Biography Edit

Roman Groom created Gadget using parts from the drones which originally constructed the Bowie Base One. It was primarily used for exploring the harsh environment of Mars and collecting data from the planet’s surface. It had a vast selection of tools and a camera lens for an eye and stood at approximately 3ft tall. Gadget had no sentience and little autonomy. It was controlled using wired up gloves from the Central Dome of Bowie Base One, and so had similar level of dexterity to a human. When receiving or acknowledging commands, it said, “Gadget! Gadget!”, which its creator said amused him, though the Doctor found it annoying. Gadget could also talk, but only through someone else’s voice,

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