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TRD Supercharger

Supercharger Kit




This dyno chart was
scanned out of Today’s SUV Magazine.  It shows the before
after supercharger dyno runs.  This chart shows an increase of
40 peak HP and a
max increase of near 60 HP.

There is
no other performance modification that comes close to
the fun that the TRD Supercharger can give you. Most
other mods might give you some added performance in
one area while decreasing it in another. The
supercharger increases performance in all areas, low,
midrange, and top end.

Most people and I report
loosing only 1 MPG after installing the supercharger.
That is a wonderful trade off for the added fun you
will get from installing it, not to mention the cool factor.

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a supercharger works and different types:

The engine draws into the
cylinders when the pistons are moving downward in the

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