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Present Status Of Quantum Based Superfast Computers

This article is a review of the present status of quantum computers, which can solve certain problems much faster than a classical computer. Their future is now much more exciting and awaited

A computer is a device that takes an input, carries out a sequence of instructions, and produces an output. In a digital computer, these inputs, instructions and outputs are all sequences of 1s and 0s—individually called bits. A quantum computer is one that harnesses phenomena from quantum physics, the study of the behaviour of subatomic particles.

A quantum computer does the same thing as a classical computer, but it uses quantum bits or qubits. While a bit takes only one of the two values—1 or 0, a qubit uses the complex mathematics of quantum mechanics, providing a richer set of possibilities. As binary digits or bits are the basic units of information in classical computing, quantum bits or

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