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SpeedMixer Technology | FlackTek Inc.

SpeedMixer Technology

Top 12 Benefits of a SpeedMixer:

  1. Highly Reproducible Results – Perfect mixing every time thanks to precision centrifugal mixing in a precision machine.
  2. No Bubbles – Mixing and deaeration achieved simultaneously thanks to DAC (dual asymmetric centrifugal) technology. Deairing and degassing while mixing made easy.
  3. No Cleanup – Mixing is performed in inexpensive and disposable containers.
  4. Quickly Mix Anything – Mix semi-solids, pastes, oils, liquids, powders, creams, in any combination, within a few seconds to a few minutes. High viscosity mixing is no challenge. Mix and grind solids too.
  5. Reduced Exposure to Chemicals – Mixing is performed in a closed container.
  6. Virtually No Material Loss – No blades or bowls to clean. Another reason that centrifugal mixers are superior to bladed mixers.
  7. Easy Operation – Programmable cycles ensure identical mixing batch
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