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Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods

The third edition of our text, Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods by Harvey Gould, Jan Tobochnik, and Wolfgang Christian, published by Addison-Wesley in 2006, is out of print and will no longer be published by Pearson. PDF copies of the chapters are available from ComPADRE. View the supplemental documents attached to this resource. We will update the chapters soon to fix some of the typos and errors.

The text discusses many novel applications, is accessible to a wide range of readers, develops good programming habits, and encourages student experimentation. Our goal is to teach
students enough tools so that they can use computer simulations as a method of
discovery in physics. The text also introduces Java programming by example in the context of learning physics, but can be used with other programming languages.

ISBN: 0-8053-7758-1 ISBN: 0-8053-7759-X

The computer simulation textbook is complemented by the Open Source Physics Users Guide.

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Motion Software, Inc. Automotive Engine And Vehicle Simulation Software

& Views!


All-New Simulation
For Engine Enthusiasts,
Low Cost, Easy-To-Use!

Motion Software just released a
completely new version of our popular enthusiast engine
simulation: DynoSim6!
The list of enhancements over the previous version (DynoSim5)
is extensive (see this page for a
detailed list of new features
); here are a few of the
significant updates:

  • Optimize Accuracy On Any 4-Cycle
    Engine With New Fitter™ Cam Modeling Routines
  • All-New Exhaust Modeling Technology,
    Displays Tubing Sizes and Lengths. Model Mufflers, Standard
    Headers, Tri-Y headers, and More!
  • Test Any Stock Or Racing Engines, Even
    Non-Auto Engines, such as Marine, Light Aircraft, Tractor, Model
    Engines (using US and/or Metric Dimensions)
  • Test Cylinder Heads, Custom Port Flow,
    Cams, Induction, Exhaust, Mufflers, Headers
  • Carburetors or Injection, Custom
    Fuels, Turbos, Superchargers, Intercoolers, Any RPM range!
  • Accuracy: +/- 5% Of True Dyno Results

Includes all future Version-6 updates
and, of course, our

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