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Roofing SEO | SEO for Roofers

With all this talk of affordable roofing SEO, it’s easy to lose sight of other internet marketing tasks that do not directly involve search optimization. Because SEO can take time to implement and flourish, finding ways to supplement website traffic is strongly advised. One of the most effective traffic generators is Pay Per Click advertising. With PPC, companies can bid their way to the top of Google SERPs, expediting a process that takes far longer through organic means. While PPC costs money, it also produces instant results. With an experienced campaign manager, PPC ads can produce considerable ROI.

Each component is integral to the whole, and neglection of one or more can prove disastrous. For example, publishing great content on a locally optimized website would seem like a slam dunk. Unfortunately, a slow-loading site that appears distorted on mobile devices renders that content useless. Instead of prospective roofing customers

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