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16 Top Resources To Learn Python Programming In 2020 & Beyond

Coding in Python is not hard, in fact – Python has been acclaimed as one of the easiest programming languages to learn for many years. It can be a good starting point if you’re looking to get into web development, game development, data science or machine learning. Actually, for AI & ML and Data Science, Python is believed to be one of the most essential programming languages for developers from all over the world.

Many programmers have used Python as the beginning of their journey and they later learned languages like PHP and Ruby. Python was also one of the most trending & hottest programming languages in 2019 by StackOverflow and is highly recommended to learn. But, how to learn Python Programming? Where to go to begin learning Python?

I’m here to solve that problem for you, as I’ve myself relied on many of these resources to learn programming, and

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Computer Science Student Resources | Computer Science Student Resources

Includes a basic math refresher, a queuing analysis primer, and links to numerous math sites.

Links to important collections of papers, technical reports, and bibliographies.

Advice and guidance for solving homework problems, writing technical reports, and preparing technical presentations.

A variety of useful documents and links.

Useful links and documents for those considering a career in computer science.

You should take your mind off your work once in a while.

A variety of interesting documents and links to other subjects.

All my books and other Pearson books available via this Web site at a greater discount than online bookstores. Go to discount book purchase.

This site provides information and links for computer science students. It also contains a number of documents that you may find useful in your ongoing computer science education. If you have any suggestions for site content, please email me by clicking on “contact me”, below.
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Pressman Software Engineering Resources


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Breaking News!

A new blog … visit OnCenter, Roger Pressman’s running commentary on the world at large

A new edition … the 7th edition of Software Engineering is available now

A new book … Roger Pressman and David Lowe on Web Engineering

A first novel … Roger Pressman’s first novel is a technothriller — The Aymara Bridge

A new curriculum! RSP&A has partnered with QAI to develop a comprehensive Internet-based software engineering curriculum.

A redesigned site! … we’ve done a major redesign and added many new features for 2009 – 2010.


Software Engineering Resources

Just Released!

novel by

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Computer Technology Standards of Learning Resources

Standards of Learning (SOL) & Testing

Standards of Learning (SOL) for Computer Technology

Adopted 2013, to be fully implemented in 2013-2014

The revised Computer Technology Standards of Learning were approved by the Virginia Board of Education in February 2013.  These standards outline the content and skills that teachers in Virginia are expected to integrate into their classrooms so that students are proficient in technology use. 

Standards of Learning for Computer Technology
– Adopted 2012

All Computer Technology Word / PDF NA
Grades K-2 Word / PDF NA
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