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Suunto launches a new easy-to-read dive computer for recreational scuba and freedivers

Suunto introduces the new Suunto D5, a watch-sized dive computer that is designed especially for recreational divers. The Suunto D5 enables the diver to effortlessly log and share their adventures digitally. With the exchangeable straps you can transform from your color coordinated dive partner to a classic post-dive timepiece.

Modern features for modern divers

Suunto D5 is a versatile dive computer that comes with modern features like a digital logbook, exchangeable straps, re-chargeable battery and updatable software. The dive information is easy to read and see on the clear color screen with LED backlight and vibration and sound alarms assist you in tracking safety-critical information.

“Recreational divers want to be free to explore the underwater world. Technology should enable it, not make it more complicated. This idea has been the main driver of design when creating the easy-to-use Suunto D5 with a clear color screen.” Comments Juha Suoniemi, Dive

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