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The Secret Recipe of a Successful SEO Strategy

The whole world is on the internet.

According to estimates, there were over 200 million active websites across the world. And that was in Aug 2019! Brands that are currently not on the internet are either staring at certain death or are already writing their swansong.

With the rise of the internet, another new habit has emerged – to search for a product or brand before making an actual purchase. Popular Search Engines (SE) like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have made searching about the brands or products extremely easy. The searcher simply types in their query and the SE reverts with answers in microseconds. The SEs are essentially software programs known as algorithms, which search for the keyword or phrase that has been typed by the searcher and display websites that have them, after considering a lot of things.

Studies have shown that 71% of the time the searcher

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