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Boost SEO Ranking: 5 Tried and Tested Ways

SEO is not a pay-to-play service, and Google has said that many times. It may not help you to improve your organic search rankings when you advertise with Google AdWords. But there is always a solution to boost SEO ranking. However, there are some ways to help improve your SEO strategy by using AdWords.

For instance, using PPC data can quickly get your insights to carry over to organic search. It saves yourself tons of time and money in the process. When you set up and activate an AdWords campaign, it drives your traffic at scale in a single afternoon. But SEO may even take up to one year to start seeing reliable results. You spend around $2,000 per month, and you’ve decided on a potential investment of $24,000 before you know if everything is working as planned or not. You might end up spending all the money and time

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Youtube SEO – The Ultimate Guide to Ranking High in Youtube

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Youtube is the second largest search engine. A lot of people are doing SEO for Google – which usually ends up with Bing and Yahoo rankings following suit. What we fail to see is that Youtube SEO can gain you far more search traffic than Yahoo and Bing does. So if you’re not doing Youtube SEO, you’re missing out.

No I’m not posting this because I was one of the winners of the SEOmoz Youtube Contest. I’m really looking into Youtube SEO lately – even before the contest started – for promoting SEO Hacker School. We launched our first video by the way (It’s pretty simple but it’s my first production so please bear with me). I’ll be using this video as our example for most of the screenshots.

First thing’s first – you need a Video

How hard can that

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Five Ways to Improve your Site's Ranking (SEO) | UMC

Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.

1. Publish Relevant Content

Laptop.Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there
is no substitute for great content. Quality content created specifically for your
intended user increases site traffic, which improves your site’s authority and relevance.
Fine-tune your web writing skills.


Identify and target a specific keyword phrase for each page on your website. Think about how your reader might search for that
specific page with search terms like:

  • masters in engineering management
  • what is biomedical engineering?
  • title IX resources
  • northern lights
  • how to apply for scholarships?
  • application deadline

Multiple Keyword Phrases

It is very difficult for a webpage to achieve search engine rankings for multiple
keyword phrases—unless those phrases are very similar. A single page may be able to

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SEO Software & SEO Tools For Top 10 Ranking

High level Management Software for SEO combining more than 25 tools

Explore each of the three versions the best software for SEO on the market below to see which one will fit your business best!

Are you looking for the best SEO suite on the market that will save your time, money and most importantly help you outrank your competitors? Then look no further.

Watch our quick tour to learn how SEO Suite optimizes your website and increase your web traffic.

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  • 5
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Local SEO Ranking Factors Study

Categorical Variables

The following chart showed how a factor, that fit into one of two categories (primarily yes and no), correlated to Google pack performance. For example, a Google My Business profile either had the keyword in the business name, (yes), or it didn’t (no).

Categorical Variables in 2019 Local SEO Ranking Factors
Again, just like with the ordinal variables, basic SEO b locking and tackling is still necessary. Just having reviews, making sure you are optimizing you profile etc are all features of business ranking high in local packs.  More continued correlation with organic rankings driving GMB rankings should be more than enough to convince anyone to invest in their web presence. One of the main things that has changed as keyword in business name no longer correlates highly to pack rankings. Whether this is because the GMB product and support team have fixed the issue (color me skeptical) or because everyone is spamming their business name

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13 Ways to Immediately Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website

13 Super-Easy Ways to Immediately Improve Your SEO

What comes to mind when you see the term “SEO“? Where do you focus all your energy when you’re trying to improve SEO ranking of your website?

Most people focus a large proportion of their time on “keywords” and not much else.

However, if you’ve been working diligently on keyword optimization but are still not getting the results you want, you may need to consider other factors that affect SEO ranking.

Search engine algorithms not only rate the relevance of your keywords on pages, and in the meta data, in relation to a user’s search terms, but they also evaluate information such as the duration visitors stay on your site, bounce rate, broken links, pages viewed, inbound and outbound links and so on…

Getting users to stay on your website and interact with your content can boost your website’s ranking, and you can do so by improving the user experience

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Keep Ranking with Top Marketing Software

Squirrly – One Stop Marketing Shop

Hey, I’m happy that you’ve decided to visit our website today. We’re known as makers of Top Marketing Software and we take great pride in our work.

You are the reason we get up to work in the morning and focus on building the best marketing software for small business. You probably have a small business or you work in one. This is the place for you, because out of all the marketing software companies, there is a huge chance you’ll just love working with us.

Pick any product you like from our wide selection of marketing automation tools.

We can automate the way you do:

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Competitive Intelligence (Spying on your competitors’ marketing strategies)
  • Website Analysis
  • Personal Branding

These are the main players you’ll find in the Squirrly Marketing Cloud Software package:

  • Squirrly SEO
  • Squirrly SPY
  • Squirrly Social
  • Starbox
  • Website Analysis
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