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Proper Gadget Etiquette: 3 Rules

Nothing says “rude” like checking your phone, tablet, or laptop during a meeting. On top of being disrespectful to other attendees, it can destroy a meeting’s chemistry. In the middle of a recent presentation, for instance, I saw an attendee tap out a text message on his phone. Then, I heard a buzz and a corresponding giggle across the table. The exchange made me wonder how much either person valued the meeting and the speaker. Are these the kind of people I want to work with? The answer is, quite simply, no.

This might sound like the grumbling of a cranky old Luddite. In fact, I’m the founder of a marketing agency that specializes in digital and mobile marketing. In our office, there is a very clear understanding that good etiquette and common courtesy trump your Twitter feed or Angry Birds rank. Here are three basic rules of gadget etiquette

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