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Lottery Results Gadget Guide | Lottery Post

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Welcome to the guide for Lottery Post’s Lottery Results Gadget, delivering real-time lottery results right to your Windows desktop!

Within seconds of installing the gadget you can be viewing lottery results for any game, updated right after the lottery announces the results.

Lottery Post, the world’s largest community of lottery players, has been providing the quickest, most accurate lottery results available on the Web for years.  We offer a full range of lottery results data and services for practically any player and/or requirement.

This guide, and the other associated results pages at Lottery Post, are designed for anyone to

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What’s the Difference, and Why Should You Care? [Guest Post]

Online marketing is all about awareness and visibility. Most of the time, people find your small business online in one of three ways:

  • Your company comes up early in search engine results,
  • You’re mentioned or recommended by another person or website they visit, or
  • They already know about your company and go looking for you

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies with the broad goal of bringing more people to your website the first way, by improving your search engine rankings. Social media optimization (SMO) can be one part of SEO—but it also contributes to all three ways people find you online.

Obviously, SMO has to do with social networks and their growing importance to business. This aspect of optimization deals with enhancing your company’s presence and online reputation through interactive communities—not just Facebook and Twitter, but also blogs, forums, and anywhere your business is mentioned or

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post your awesome batch files! – Programming

@echo off
color 2e
title CMD Snake Game    -Aaron
if “%~1” == “startGame” goto :game
if “%~1” == “startController” goto :controller

set “choice=”
2>nul >nul choice /c:yn /t 0 /d y
if errorlevel 1 if not errorlevel 2 set “choice=choice /cs”
if not defined choice (
  2>nul >nul choice /c:yn /t:y,1
  if errorlevel 1 if not errorlevel 2 set “choice=choice /s”
if not defined choice (
  echo ERROR: This game requires the CHOICE command, but it is missing.
  echo Game aborted. :(
  echo A 16 bit port of CHOICE.EXE from FREEDOS is available at
  echo A 32 bit version from ??? suitable for 64 bit machines is available at
  exit /b

set “keys=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789”
set “keyFile=key.txt”
set “cmdFile=cmd.txt”
set “highscoreFile=last score on !difficulty!.txt”

copy nul “%keyFile%” >nul
start “” /b “%~f0” startController 9^>^>%keyFile% 2^>nul ^>nul
cmd /c “%~f0” startGame 9^<%keyFile% ^<nul


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