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The 9 Best Desktop PCs of 2020

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our
review process here.
We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The best desktop PCs make a case for themselves against the best laptops by providing more bang for your buck. If you’re going to forgo the portability that modern laptops provide, you should be rewarded with higher specs for roughly the same price and, luckily, modern desktops have been delivering amazing value.

Not only does that power edge allow them to compete with portables, but a lot of prebuilt manufacturers are now producing machines that rival the capabilities of any PC you’d assemble yourself at nearly the same price. Gone are the days where the convenience of having a machine built for you meant paying a massive premium. These days, prebuilts are being assembled so cheaply and efficiently that

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Custom Gaming Computers & Gaming PCs



With over a decade of experience in building the world’s most advanced custom gaming computers, every gaming PC is hand built by skilled technicians. Everything from inventory allocation, assembly, testing, and quality assurance are done in-house to ensure we provide only the very best for our customers. It’s what makes a gaming computer truly special, being handmade with perfection and finished with utmost care.



Putting together a custom gaming pc is only part of the process, our expert technicians are obsessed with squeezing every ounce of performance from our computers. Anyone can put a system together by attaching parts, however to unlock maximum performance, factors such as: the wiring job, chassis airflow, power delivery, and layout of components represent the core foundation of a true custom PC.



High-performance hardware needs to be properly tested for bottlenecks and stability issues. Our team of technicians test every custom gaming

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The 9 Best Mini PCs of 2020

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The best mini PCs look more like pieces of modern art than your run of the mill desktop. These PCs pack a ton of functionality into a relatively compact form factor making them both portable and versatile.

When looking for a mini PC, you’ll want to consider if it has the ability to be upgraded. Some models are locked into whatever configuration they have out of the box, but others can have their various components swapped out down the line.

Final Verdict

The HP Pavilion Wave is undoubtedly one of the most unique desktop PCs on the market, thanks to its innovative chassis that broadcasts sound across an entire room. For around $750, the Pavilion Wave is a great

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Best business computers of 2020: PCs for SMBs and enterprises

In this guide to the best business computers, we show how modern offices can still benefit from desktop PCs.

While laptops and smartphones are becoming ever more powerful, and allow us to work while travelling, it’s still important to get the best business computers for you and your company’s needs – as there are certain tasks that require the additional power of a traditional PC.

When you work in an office all day, there’s nothing quite like a business desktop PC for getting work done. They’re usually much more comfortable to use than a laptop, and they can easily be maintained and upgraded, so you don’t need to buy a new model every couple years. 

The best PCs for business will usually offer a lot more power for a lot less money than the best business laptops, so if you’re looking for an affordable way to populate your office with

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Antennas, FM and TV transmitters, amplifiers, kits, pallets and more by PCS Electronics

Who are we? Manufacturer of FM, TV and AM broadcasting equipment.
Our mission: To provide all necessary equipment to small, medium and large radio
and TV stations, and to develop innovative solution

 FM transmitter package with antenna and cable
Best prices on any DEVA equipment and best prices on D&R mixers
Did you find a DEVA/D&R product cheaper somewhere else? Contact us, we will do our best to match and beat the price of competitor. Skype:�pcs_electronics, you can also click Live Support in the header of the page or you can e-mail us directly to the email shown below:

Email shown as jpg to prevent spam  FM transmitter package with antenna and cable
tThe all new V2 series of CyberMaxFM+ SE comes with the new ultra-clean MAXPRO8015+ FM exciter and brand new SE8000 DSP+ series stereo encoder! Also available in 25W, 200W, 400W, 600W, 800W, 1000W and 2000W version.
1000W- FM transmitter package with antenna and cable
SE V2 FM transmitter package – our best selling combo
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How PCs Work | HowStuffWorks

The word computer refers to an object that can accept some input and produce some output. In fact, the human brain itself is a sophisticated computer, and scientists are learning more about how it works with each passing year. Our most common use of the word computer, though, is to describe an electronic device containing a microprocessor.

A microprocessor is a small electronic device that can carry out complex calculations in the blink of an eye. You can find microprocessors in many devices you use each day, such as cars, refrigerators and televisions. The most recognized device with a microprocessor is the personal computer, or PC. In fact, the concept of a computer has become nearly synonymous with the term PC.

When you hear PC, you probably envision an enclosed device with an attached video screen, keyboard and some type of a pointing device, like a mouse or touchpad. You

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