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Poly Software International Home Page


Over 20 Years of Excellent Service

More than

scientists and engineers have chosen PSI-Plot as their data analysis and plotting tool. 

What about you?!



Reviewer Comments


(PSI-Plot & ProStat) are easy to learn and use, and there is good set of
tutorials is provided. I was productive in a
couple of minutes, and a guinea pig with no
prior statistics software experience produced
useful graphics and results after half an hour
with no support other than the built in help

“For the many science areas, locations and users
for which an exploratory, task-focused, work
station level tool is more appropriate and

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Design Web Page for Free

Adobe Spark makes it easy to create web page that look professional. No design skills necessary.

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What if you could create a professional-looking web page in minutes – no designer, no code, and no hosting required – and all completely free? With Adobe Spark, you can. Adobe Spark Page is a web page builder that puts the power of creating a web page in the hands of anyone with a story to tell, a product to sell, or a passion to share.

Why try Spark Page?

Sometimes, you don’t need a traditional website to get your message across. Adobe Spark Page is ideal for projects that don’t require more than one page, such as portfolios, resumes, presentations, blog posts and photo galleries. For businesses, a Spark Page can showcase a product catalog, advertise a special offer, or act as a weekly or monthly newsletter.
No matter what you

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FTDI Chip Home Page

Latest  Update

FTDI Chip and its co-exhibitors Bridgetek & Connective Peripherals have withdrawn participation from Embedded World 2020

FTDI Chip, along with its co-exhibitors Bridgetek and Connective Peripherals, have made the decision to withdraw from Embedded World 2020, in Nuremberg (Germany). We have been closely monitoring the situation relating to the recent coronavirus outbreak and have taken numerous precautionary measures in response, to ensure the wellbeing of both our

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7 Web Design Tips, Web Page Design Tutorials CSS HTML Tutorials Website Design Tips is an educational Web site design and development resource especially for Web site owners, Web designers, Web professionals, webmasters, teachers and educators, students, and anyone wanting to learn about Web sites.

Learn more about HTML, CSS / cascading style sheets, Web site design, Web graphics, Adobe Photoshop, online marketing, Internet marketing, online security, organizing your computer files, and more. Visit the Web Site Articles, Tutorials, and Tips index page, or jump to:
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials and Tips; CSS: Cascading Style Sheets Tutorials and Tips; HTML Tutorials and Tips; Marketing, Advertising for Your Web Site; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) Articles, Tutorials, and Tips; Web Site Usability; and much more.’s hallmark is our hand-picked, carefully selected, extensive listing of over 2,400 annotated resources. Our Web Site Resources section includes annotated links to best-practice tutorials, articles, resources, software programs, helpful Web design tools, and information

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Page 1 SEO Design – Madison WI Internet Search Engine Marketing Firm

Page 1 SEO Design is Committed to Creating a Professional Website Design and a Search Engine Marketing Goal:

If you’re going to have a website to help market and sell
your products and services, you need to be on Page 1 of Google
and other search engines, and everything you do to build and
maintain your website must support and contribute to that goal.

Whether we build your website from the ground up, or help
you “tweak” and optimize your existing site, our job isn’t done
until your business is on Page 1 for the keyword terms your
customers use most to find your business!

Page 1 Search Engine Results

Page 1 Search Engine Results – “It’s What We Do”

Search Engine Optimization

ALL Page 1 products and services include professional search
engine optimization (SEO), and are available as stand alone
services that can
be applied to your

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SEO-SA | SEO Johannesburg | South Africa's #1 Off Page SEO Company | Buy Backlinks

SEO Johannesburg | Gauteng

SEO Johannesburg – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking your website naturally on the 1st Page of Google for keywords targeted related to your business. It is the most powerful form of internet marketing as it appeals to an audience searching for your products and services online. Doing SEO on your website is a smart business investment that will exponentially grow your business.

We are proud to announce that we provide reliable, affordable and lasting Off Page SEO techniques in South Africa. Our SEO company is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng and has a team of 5 Internet Marketers assisting with link building, article writing, blogger outreach, web design and more. We comply with Google’s algorithm updates and we use safe SEO practices at all times. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our online services as we are happy to

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MW Software Home Page

Latest news:

12-Apr-18: new!AWViewer 2.18 released with support for the new LTRGB screen modes

15-Mar-18: Meet me at the Wakefield
on Apr 21st 2018!

26-Feb-18: Many thanks to the organisers of the RISC OS London Show 2018!

15-Nov-17: Finally released:
ArtWorks 2.X3 with support for the new
“LTRGB” screen modes of recent platforms (e.g., IGEPv5 and Titanium) and the new
Shape Painter/Eraser tool is available for purchase.

02-Oct-13: Easi/TechWriter 9.12 with CSS-styled
HTML4 export and improved .docx import has been officially released and is available
for purchase.

15-Jul-13: InterGIF 6.19 released (with a fix
for using it on ARMv7 platforms, e.g., the ARMini).

07-May-12: Maintenance releases with bug fixes: PostScript 3 version 1.21 and Easi/TechWriter
9.01 released.

07-May-12: ArtWorks 2.X2 with its new Artistic Lines feature
(Details) has been released
and is available for

25-Apr-12: ArtWorks 2.X2 announced with its new Artistic Lines feature

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Programming by Example Home Page

Programming by Example Home Page


Your Wish is My Command: Giving Users the Power to Instruct Their Software, This new book with 19 articles on Programming by Example will be published later this year by Morgan Kaufmann. Read the introduction, foreward and Table of Contents, here. Also see the March 2000 Communications of the ACM for a preview.

What is Programming by Example?

Often, in computer interfaces, users wind up doing the same or similar sequences of operations over and over again in different situations. But if computers are so good at repetition, why is it that the users are the ones who keep repeating things?

Programming by example [or “programming by demonstration”*] is a technique for teaching the computer new behavior by demonstrating actions on concrete examples. The system records user actions and generalizes a program that can be used in new

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Resource for Computer Graphics – Ke-Sen Huang's Home Page

Resource for Computer Graphics – Ke-Sen Huang’s Home Page

Paper Collection / Resources

Computer Graphics Conference and Special Issue Calendar


  • Page maintained by Ke-Sen Huang
  • SIGGRAPH 2019 (Submitted: 385     Accepted:   111     Acceptance Rate: 29%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2018 (Submitted: 464     Accepted:   128     Acceptance Rate: 28%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2017 (Submitted: 439     Accepted:   126     Acceptance Rate: 28%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2016 (Submitted: 467     Accepted:   119     Acceptance Rate: 25%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2015 (Submitted: 462     Accepted:   118     Acceptance Rate: 25%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2014 (Submitted: 505     Accepted:   127     Acceptance Rate: 25%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2013 (Submitted: 480     Accepted:   115     Acceptance Rate: 24%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2012 (Submitted: 449     Accepted:   94     Acceptance Rate: 21%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2011 (Submitted: 432     Accepted:   82     Acceptance Rate: 19%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2010 (Submitted: 390     Accepted:   103     Acceptance Rate: 26%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2009 (Submitted: 439     Accepted:    78     Acceptance Rate: 18%)
  • SIGGRAPH 2008 (Submitted: 518     Accepted:    90     Acceptance Rate: 17%)
  • Page maintained by Ke-Sen Huang and Tim Rowley
    • SIGGRAPH 2007 (Submitted: 455     Accepted: 108     Acceptance Rate:
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    Confluence Page Gadget – Atlassian Documentation

    We ended support for this gadget in Confluence 7.0
    The gadget no longer appears in the macro browser and can’t be added to a page.
    Any gadget already on a page, or used in another application like Jira, will still work.

    The Confluence page gadget allows you to show content from a page on your Confluence site in a gadget. You can optionally configure the gadget to display links to view and/or edit the page on your Confluence site. The page gadget can also be displayed in canvas view, so that it takes up all of the space provided by your dashboard.

    Macros that work with the page gadget

    Please note, not all macros work with the page gadget. Please refer to the Working Macros section below for more information.

    Screenshot: The Confluence page gadget displaying a sample page

    Confluence Page Gadget Properties

    Properties are settings for Confluence gadgets that

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