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Personal Computer Milestones

Personal Computer Milestones

Pop Quiz: What was the first personal computer?

Be careful before you answer! The question is highly ambiguous. Are
you sure you know what first means? How about personal?
Even computer is an ambiguous term!

We’ll make it easy for you. Let’s define personal computer as
a computer having the following attributes:

  • It must be a digital computer.
  • It must be largely automatic.
  • It must be programmable by the end-user.
  • It must be accessible, either as a commercially manufactured product,
    as a commercially available kit, or as widely published kit plans.
  • It must be small enough to be transportable by an average person.
  • It must be inexpensive enough to be affordable by the average professional.
  • It must be simple enough to use that it requires no special training beyond
    an instruction manual.


Was it the IBM PC?

Bzzzt! The IBM PC was introduced
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