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SEO | SEO Malaysia | Search Engine Optimization


SEO (search engine optimization) is a kind of Internet Marketing where you want to be listed prominently and consistently in top search engines. SEO is the main efforts in listing your site though it can be done through many ways, which SEO helps increase your ranking in the search engines, or alternatively, paid advertisement campaigns or social network marketing help you to draw traffic to your website. SEO will rank your site on 1st page of world major search engines, can you imagine how great it is? There are various methods used in SEO; either it’s free or paid. For instance, SEO, Paid Placement, Contextual Advertising, and Paid Inclusion etc. Amongst all, SEO appeared to be more practical and cost effective.

Search Engine marketing is a process of improving your website ranking and then it draws traffic, or more precisely quality traffic, if you do it correctly.

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