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Lorr Computer Solutions – Lorr Computer Solutions, LLC

Ryan C. Says:

Computer is working great and have had no issues with it overheating after you cleaned it!
Overall I was very satisfied with the speed and quality of your service.

Jeff Says:

Yes I was very satisfied with how quickly you were available, the updates and excellent timeliness.
Updating me on progress was a great reassurance I wasn’t expecting that I liked.

Kelvin Says:

I’m very satisfied with your service, done efficiently in very timely and satisfactory manner, and I will highly recommend you to friends. As real proof of my satisfaction, I just brought in another job for you.

Lori Says:

Thank You very much for helping us with our issue. I am very satisfied with
the work that was completed to our system. You did it in a timely manner and I did not have to be here to explain to you what was going

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