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New 'Inspector Gadget' Live-Action Movie in the Works (Exclusive)

Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, who produced the billion dollar-grossing live-action Aladdin remake, are producing Inspector Gadget via their Rideback banner.

Inspector Gadget was an American-Canadian co-production produced for the syndicated market that was a stable around North America in the 1980s and 1990s. It featured a bionic Inspector Clouseau-type character who could command (OK, he couldn’t) an endless array of gizmos built into his body. His archenemy was Dr. Claw, leader of an organization named M.A.D. Also figuring in the proceedings was Penny, Gadget’s niece and the brains behind him who actually stopped Claw’s plans. There was also Brain, Penny’s crafty dog, and Chief Quimby.

The series sparked numerous spinoffs and video games and, in 1999, a live-action Disney movie that saw Matthew Broderick play the titular character and Rupert Everett play Claw. Don Adams, best known for starring on TV’s Get Smart, voiced the character in the original

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