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Interact Model One computer

Interact Electronics was started in 1976 by Ken Lochner, a programmer who in the 1960’s
worked on the
Dartmouth Time-Sharing System.

The Interact computer was originally envisioned as a simple 4K game machine without a keyboard, but
further development showed that it could be much more – a full-fledged user-programmable computer.

By 1978, two years of redesign and $1 million in development costs resulted in the completed
Interact Model One computer system. The Interact Model One was shown by NCE/CompuMart at the
Personal Computing ’78
Personal Computer Show, which was held in Philadelphia, PA over the weekend of August 24th thru 27th, 1978.

The Model One system has no built-in programs – all programs and data must be loaded from the built-in cassette tape.

Although the programming language Edu-BASIC is included with the purchase of the Model One, it is very limited, and works with
integers only. An improved Level

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