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Eclipse IoT Working Group | IoT development made simple

No company can realize the IoT on its own… Within the Eclipse Community, through the contribution of many IoT developers, tools and standards are created on an open platform that many companies can benefit from for their IoT applications.

Picture of Stefan Ferber

Stefan Ferber / CEO, Bosch Software Innovations

Eclipse IoT is the industry’s leading community for Open Source IoT projects. For Red Hat, Eclipse IoT is the place where we collaborate with like-minded colleagues from other firms to create projects that form the basis of our IoT products.

Picture of David Ingham

David Ingham / Director of Software Engineering, Integration Middleware, Red Hat

Within Eclipse IoT, Eurotech is working with Cloudera, Red Hat, and others to develop key IoT runtimes and other enabling technologies that will enable integrated, end-to-end open IoT architectures.

Picture of Giuseppe Surace

Giuseppe Surace / Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Eurotech

Finally, DB foresees more open source integrations in the future and looks forward to collaborating

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Foxconn Technology Group | Crunchbase

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Computer Vision Group – Home

Welcome to the website of the Computer Vision Group.

Prof. Dr. Laura Leal-Taixé

Prof. Dr. Daniel Cremers

Prof. Dr. Florian Bernard

Sabine Wagner

Dr. Erik Bylow

Dr. habil. Rudolph Triebel

Dr. Vladyslav Usenko

Dr. Tao Wu

Quirin Lohr

Mohammed Brahimi

John Chiotellis

Nikolaus Demmel

Patrick Dendorfer

Marvin Eisenberger

Thomas Frerix

Maolin Gao

Vladimir Golkov

Björn Häfner

Qadeer Khan

Lukas Köstler

Zorah Lähner

Emanuel Laude

Maxim Maximov

Tim Meinhardt

Lu Sang

David Schubert

Yuesong Shen

Christiane Sommer

Lukas von Stumberg

Aysim Toker

Christian Tomani

Rui Wang

Patrick Wenzel

Nan Yang

Zhenzhang Ye

Qunjie Zhou



  • We have four papers accepted to CVPR 2020!

  • We have four papers accepted to ECCV 2018!

  • Nov 15 2017: Laura Leal-Taixé receives the prestigious Sofja-Kovalevskaja Award (1.65 Mio €) by the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation.
  • We have six papers accepted to the International Conference on Computer Vision 2017!

  • We have seven papers accepted to CVPR 2017!

  • Our SGP
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Computer Systems and Networks Group



The Computer Systems & Networks Research Group at UofT works on projects
that cover a diverse range of experimental and theoretical research,
including operating systems, network security, mobile code
architectures, high-performance computing and wireless networking.


The systems side works on a range of experimental projects on Internet
systems and services. Our interests span Web-based and peer-to-peer
systems design, network measurement and traffic analysis, fault-tolerant
Internet systems, wireless networking, and network security. Our mission
is to investigate high-impact research avenues that will shape the next
generation Internet systems and services.


The networks side engages in both theoretical and experimental research:
while we use modeling and analytical techniques to study fundamental
problems in computer networks, we also conduct experimental studies and
build real systems. Our research covers a broad range of topics

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Technology Law Group

Legal Services for Telecommunications and Technology Companies

Technology Law Group is widely recognized for its expertise in telecommunications
and technology issues and for its ability to apply creative approaches to complex legal issues. Our knowledge and creativity allows our clients to obtain extraordinary results and to win the most difficult cases.

If you are not getting timely personal service from telecom counsel who really understand the telecommunications
and technology
industries, who will protect you through proper agreements and who will vigorously and successfully defend your rights before
government agencies or the courts, you should get to know us.

If you have any questions about Technology Law Group or the services we provide, or if you simply want to chat about telecommunications issues, please feel free to contact Neil S. Ende, Esq., the firm’s managing partner.

Click here to view
our PowerPoint
on Telecommunications Agreements Ins and Outs

Telecommunications Agreements Ins and Outs

  Sky Radio Network
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UC Berkeley Computer Vision Group

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ABB Group

The amount of photo voltaic energy that reaches the Earth’s soil is so big, about ten thousand instances higher than all of the energy used by humanity as a whole, but not concentrated within the sense that it is crucial to gather energy from very massive areas to have significant amounts , and fairly difficult to convert into vitality that’s easily exploitable with acceptable efficiencies. A distinction should due to this fact be made between games performed before any video proof was accessible the place judgements have been purely based on human notion and video games of the late 20th century where there was some video evidence which wasn’t all the time conclusive, to current day the place there is ample digital camera’s of a high enough technology, for us to freeze the action and create a 3d picture of an event, permitting as much as full 360 degree rotation, … Read More