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Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi smart home speaker has been available for preorder. With integrated wireless charger, it not only delivers your favorite music, and also charges Qi-enabled smartphones.


With super large capacity and output, Monster X portable power station is capable of charging or powering 11 devices at the same time. Need more features? Let’s keep checking.


Following original Momentum, Sennheiser has released Momentum 2, its second true wireless Bluetooth earbuds. With newly added active noise cancellation technology, the earbuds bring you an immersive listening experience.


The Leaflow plant pot watering funnel from Peleg Design helps you water your potted plants while preventing water from splashing out of the pots. Like the idea? Let’s keep …


With a suitable size and carefully arranged compartments, the ULX handmade leather backpack is good for everyday use, and the minimal and understated design meets different personal styles.


Not everyone likes a folio design, so we show you Spigen Tough Armor Pro new iPad Pro case. Similar with folio-style, Zugu Alpha, it also comes equipped with integrated …


With professional-sounding audio, Rode NT-USB Mini USB microphone is good from recording, to podcasting, to live streaming. Want to learn more about it? Let’s have a look.


Using a modular design the Herb Garden smart indoor garden allows you to grow up to 39 different plants at one time. Need more features? Let’s keep checking.

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Vulcan Gadgets Fixit Page For Kawasaki Nomad & Classic Modification Maintenance & Repair

Some Of These Items Require Good Mechanical
Please Read Instructions All The Way Through Before Beginning a Project

Maintenance Schedule & Log (Snackman This Page Requires MS Excel or Compatible
Torque Specifications (important!) For the Vulcan 1500 Series
OEM Air Shock Oil Recharge 

Center Stand For Easy Maintenance,
Buy It or Make It (
Philip Pratt
Steering Head Nut Torque Procedure ( Gus
Gustafson, Michel Mass
Steering Bearing Zerk Installation
For Easy Lubrication (
Throttle Position Sensor
Adjustment..The Ultimate Ping Eliminator (
Garry Vander Eyk

Cold Idle Blues Fix ( Bruce

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist, Especially Helpful After Winter Layup (Gadget)
Brake Pad Replacement (Gadget)
Cam Chain Tensioner Extenders ( Tim (Snake) Acree )  
Front Axle Removal and Installation 
Bleed Brake & Clutch Lines The Easy And Inexpensive Way ( Tim Patterson

Oil Screen, The Mysterious Drain Dealers Don’t Seem To Know About
Driveshaft Repair, Solving a Strange
Vibration Problem (
Stripped Oil Plug? No Worries, Here’s The Fix (Uturn)
Gear Case (final drive) Lube Change ( Gadget
Swing Arm Lubrication  (Robert Mayes
Gadget & David Hardy
Add A Grease Fitting For Your Swingarm (Rudi
(Roc Doc) Keifer & David (Sarge) Parsons
Clutch Spring Replacement (when the clutch starts slip, slip, slippin’ away ( Gadget
Lube Your Own Driveshaft (7500, 15,000, 24,000 mile maintenance) (Rudi Keifer)
Rear Tire Removal for Nomad &
Classic 1500/1600 (
Oil Filter Options, A Worthy

Ready, Aim! How To Get Your Motorcycles Headlight Spot On Target (Paul Glaves)
Find Your Main Fuse (The
Search For Hidden Meaning?)
Winterize Your Bike (this, from a guy who lives in San Diego? Nah, this is an “expert”
Level Your Vulcan, The Next Best Thing To a Center Stand (J. Murphy)
Level Your Bike For Oil Level Checks
Safely With Daddo’s Pegleg (
Ron Haidenger
Gas Tank Removal For F.I. Vulcans (Bill Heuermann)
Throttle Body Cleaning…Get Your
Idle Back (
The Fuel Injection System Layout & Troubleshooting (Gadget)
Fuel Filter Replacement for ’01-04
Classic/Nomad (
Quinton Grubbs
The Keihin CVK-40 Carburetor (care and feeding of) ( Redondo Ron )
Coolant Change, a Step by Step How To (Gadget)
Coolant Replacement Options..When Plain Green Won’t Do (Dave Kimmey)
My Fan Stopped Working! Troubleshooting a Troublesome fan ( Gadget )
Solving The ‘Abrupt/Grabby Clutch’ Conundrum ( Tim Duguay )
Fork Oil Change For Cartridge (FI) Type Forks ( Gadget
Change Fork Oil Without Major Disassembly (T-Stan)
Oil Magnet ( Brian Johnston
Battery Tech: More Than You “Ever” Needed To Know About Your Battery (Anton Largiader)
Battery Replacement (Gadget

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Gadget Duck homepage – great travel gadgets accessory – airplane legroom – travel gadget accessories

Knee Defender™ helps you stop reclining seats on airplanes so your knees won’t have to.

And with its new design, this clever gadget looks cool, too.

Just some of the 100s of TV, radio, newspaper & magazine reviews for Knee DefenderKnee Defender™ is a unique
travel accessory – a
special favorite of tall
frequent fliers.

Knee Defender™ is also valued by airline passengers with small children, “road warriors” who need to work while flying, and any traveler who simply does not like being hit by a reclining airplane seat.

We all like legroom when we fly, but as airlines have reduced legroom the reclining-seat problem has gotten worse – less legroom, more encounters with seatbacks.

Knee Defender™ has been featured by 100s of newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio shows around the world – selecting it as an effective and even essential product from the large pool of available travel gadgets.

  • “Must-have travel gadget.”
    USA Today
  • “If the guy won’t compromise, whip out your
    Knee Defender.”
    – Washington Post
  • “As devious as it is ingenious.”
    Condé Nast Traveler
  • “Our favorite idea in air travel this year.”
  • “These little beauties work! … Definitely made my time at 36,000 feet more comfortable and more productive.”
    – Travelocity, Amy Ziff

With Knee Defender™ you can now use a simple, convenient, pocket-sized device to help defend against most flying seatbacks. And Knee Defenders™ are adjustable, to help provide only as much protection as you need.

Standing up for the right of the tall guy to sit down.” — since 2003


… click here to learn more and

to purchase Knee Defenders™


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Gadgets 2019: 10 coolest gadgets launched in 2019

One of the coolest — or weirdest — products unveiled at CES was the intelligent toilet by Kohler. The toilet has built-in surround sound speakers, ambient mood lighting, and is Amazon Alexa enabled. You can ask Alexa to flush or play music, read news.

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Geeky Gadgets – Gadgets and Technology News

carbon fibre wallet

The design team at Rival, based in Melbourne, Australia has created a new carbon fibre wallet constructed using advanced engineering techniques anddesigned for everyday carry “minimalists”.watch the demonstration video below to learn more about each feature from the Sim card slot, to the open canvas access as well as the handy object pull tab. Early bird pledges are … [Read more…] about Zero 3 carbon fibre wallet from $29

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JonathanSalwan/ROPgadget: This tool lets you search your gadgets on your binaries to facilitate your ROP exploitation. ROPgadget supports ELF, PE and Mach-O format on x86, x64, ARM, ARM64, PowerPC, SPARC and MIPS architectures.

This tool lets you search your gadgets on your binaries to facilitate your ROP exploitation.
ROPgadget supports ELF/PE/Mach-O format on x86, x64, ARM, ARM64, PowerPC, SPARC and MIPS
architectures. Since the version 5, ROPgadget has a new core which is written in Python
using Capstone disassembly framework for the gadgets search engine – The older version can
be found in the Archives directory but it will not be maintained.


If you want to use ROPgadget, you have to install Capstone first.

For the Capstone’s installation on nix machine:

$ sudo pip install capstone

Capstone supports multi-platforms (windows, ios, android, cygwin…). For the cross-compilation,
please refer to the https://github.com/aquynh/capstone/blob/master/COMPILE.TXT file.

After Capstone is installed, ROPgadget can be used as a standalone tool:

$ ROPgadget.py

Or installed into the Python site-packages library, and executed from $PATH.

$ python setup.py install
$ ROPgadget

Or installed from PyPi

$ pip install ropgadget
$ ROPgadget


usage: ROPgadget.py [-h] [-v] [-c] [--binary <binary>] [--opcode <opcodes>]
                    [--string <string>] [--memstr <string>] [--depth <nbyte>]
                    [--only <key>] [--filter <key>] [--range <start-end>]
                    [--badbytes <byte>] [--rawArch <arch>] [--rawMode <mode>]
                    [--rawEndian <endian>] [--re <re>] [--offset <hexaddr>]
                    [--ropchain] [--thumb] [--console] [--norop] [--nojop]
                    [--callPreceded] [--nosys] [--multibr] [--all] [--noinstr]

optional arguments:
    -h, --help           show this help message and exit
    -v, --version        Display the ROPgadget's version
    -c, --checkUpdate    Checks if a new version is available
    --binary <binary>    Specify a binary filename to analyze
    --opcode <opcodes>   Search opcode in executable segment
    --string <string>    Search string in readable segment
    --memstr <string>    Search each byte in all readable segment
    --depth <nbyte>      Depth for search engine (default 10)
    --only <key>         Only show specific instructions
    --filter <key>       Suppress specific instructions
    --range <start-end>  Search between two addresses (0x...-0x...)
    --badbytes <byte>    Rejects specific bytes in the gadget's address
    --rawArch <arch>     Specify an arch for a raw file
    --rawMode <mode>     Specify a mode for a raw file
    --rawEndian <endian> Specify an endianness for a raw file
    --re <re>            Regular expression
    --offset <hexaddr>   Specify an offset for gadget addresses
    --ropchain           Enable the ROP chain generation
    --thumb              Use the thumb mode for the search engine (ARM only)
    --console            Use an interactive console for search engine
    --norop              Disable ROP search engine
    --nojop              Disable JOP search engine
    --callPreceded       Only show gadgets which are call-preceded
    --nosys              Disable SYS search engine
    --multibr            Enable multiple branch gadgets
    --all                Disables the removal of duplicate gadgets
    --noinstr            Disable the gadget instructions console printing
    --dump               Outputs the gadget bytes

How can I contribute ?

  • Use Z3 to solve the ROP chain
  • Add system gadgets for PPC, Sparc, ARM64 (Gadgets.addSYSGadgets())
  • Manage big endian in Mach-O format like the ELF classe.
  • Everything you think is cool 🙂


Please report bugs, submit pull requests, etc. on github at https://github.com/JonathanSalwan/ROPgadget
The offical page is on shell-storm.org at http://shell-storm.org/project/ROPgadget/


See COPYING and the license header on all source files. For the files in the dependencies/ there are
individual licenses in each folder.







ROP chain

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Shiny – Shiny Gadgets

Shiny was originally conceived as a medium for interactively communicating ideas and results. As the author of a Shiny app, you perform your analysis or build your models, and then write a Shiny app to let other people–especially those without R expertise–explore your findings or data.

Shiny Gadgets are different. Gadgets are interactive tools that enhance your R programming experience.

Where a Shiny app represents the output of an analysis, Shiny Gadgets are designed to be used in the course of analysis.

Where Shiny apps are designed to be used by end users, Shiny Gadgets are intended to be used by R users.

Where Shiny apps are ultimately intended to be deployed on servers (like Shiny Server or ShinyApps.io) and accessed via a web browser, Shiny Gadgets are only ever intended to be invoked from code (in the R console or from an R script) or from within RStudio.

Shiny Gadgets can be registered with RStudio as Addins, which makes them easy to discover and use in the GUI.

Potential uses

Shiny Gadgets could be created for most any task you might do during data loading, cleaning, manipulation, and visualization. Here are just a few ideas:

  • An easy-to-use UI for downloading data from a complicated API and turning it into a data frame
  • A tool to preview regular expressions for find/replace (sub and gsub)
  • Visual selection tools for subsetting or outlier exclusion

Writing Shiny Gadgets

If you know how to write Shiny apps, you already know almost everything you need to write Shiny Gadgets, too. You still define UI, and provide a function for the server logic. You use the same reactive programming paradigm.

The main difference is how your UI and server logic is packaged. While Shiny apps generally have their own app directory (containing either ui.R/server.R files or a single app.R file), Shiny Gadgets are defined right inside a regular function.

Here’s a skeleton:


myGadgetFunc <- function(inputValue1, inputValue2) {

  ui <- miniPage(
    gadgetTitleBar("My Gadget"),
      # Define layout, inputs, outputs

  server <- function(input, output, session) {
    # Define reactive expressions, outputs, etc.

    # When the Done button is clicked, return a value
    observeEvent(input$done, {
      returnValue <- ...

  runGadget(ui, server)

As you can see, the ui and server variables are very recognizably Shiny constructs, but they’re created right inside the gadget function. The fact that they’re created inside the gadget function is important, because it means they can directly access the function’s arguments (inputValue1, inputValue2), and the return value from runGadget can be the return value for the function.

You might also have noticed that the ui definition uses miniPage and miniContentPanel instead of the more familiar fluidPage, sidebarLayout, etc. That’s because gadgets default to running in the RStudio


Vectric Gadgets – Gear Maker


This gadget will create vectors for gears to be cut on a CNC. The gadget can
also edit gears that have been created previously incase you need to change any of the parameters mid job.

How It Works

This gadget works by taking the number of teeth, diamteral pitch, pressure angle along with a central bore and will create you the vectors to create toolpaths from.

Step By Step

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Best Gadgets and Gear 2019

Everybody has a few gadgets or pieces of gear on their wish list that they may not need enough to buy themselves, but definitely want to improve their lives all year round. Whether you’re shopping for an outdoor lover, DIYer, or tech enthusiast, we found the gadgets and gear that they’re probably yearning for this year. From the latest wireless headphones to smart home devices to rugged boots and apparel, this list has something for everyone. But if you’re still not finding the perfect present, browse more specific gift guides we’ve compiled for the holidays.

Mophie Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless charging is still new enough that the modest price of the Mophie is totally worth it for the novelty of tossing your phone on this pad and watching the battery return to life. There are plenty of good options, but the slider design sets this one apart. It allows you to charge your phone flat or at an angle, which is perfect for a nightstand, if you want to peek at the clock or notifications with squinty eyes. The fabric cover adds a little softness to the appearance. More important, it charges Qi-compatible devices through cases pretty fast, about 2 hours to go from 3 percent to 95 on an iPhone XR. 

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

Anyone who’s not afraid of the phrase “void the warranty” will want one of these. Modern electronics are deliberately difficult to disassemble to fix and replace parts, but this kit takes care of that.

Arlo Ultra Security Camera System

Arlo Technologies, Inc

$299.99 (25% off)

This kit’s 4k camera is impressive, recording 180 degrees of sharp, full-color video during the day and even in the dark, thanks to enhanced night vision and an integrated spotlight. The set comes with just one camera, but the wireless base makes adding others ($300 a pop) easy if not inexpensive. Luckily, the super-wide field of vision means you get greater coverage from each. There’s a two-way mic and mounting is easy—the magnetic mounts let you position the camera anyway you want. Because it’s wireless, you’ll need to recharge the batteries, but Arlo claims a charge will last three to six months.

Smartwool Trekking Heavy Crew Socks

Smartwool makes some of the best wool hiking socks, and these are built with some serious hiking in mind. When hitting the trail, your socks are just as important as your shoes, but spending more than $20 can feel like a tall order—that’s why they make perfect gifts.

Sonos Move Smart Speaker

Sonos brings its renowned sound to its first portable bluetooth speaker. A built-in handle makes it easy to carry, but at more than 6 pounds, it’s best for bringing it to outdoor living spaces—the patio, deck, or garage. It’s got an IP56 rating, so should survive rain, dust, dirt, and other bad stuff. Sound is impressively deep and rich. It connects through Wi-Fi to Alexa, Siri, and other assistants, so you can control it through your phone, an


Windows Desktop Gadgets – Battery Meter Gadgets

4:16 pm

Battery meter
It’s very important because now i can get every details of battery, thanks a lot.

James Libron
12:41 pm

Battery Meter v2.2
The gadget is really amazing. Thanks to author. However it does not work perfectly. It alarms only when the battery is low but when the battery is 100% full, it does not really alert. I hope you would make a version that has a fix to this problem and makes it work perfectly.

5:18 pm

Wow….. it’s amazing Gadget. thank god i found it … thanks a lot!

Kyle Jones
10:49 pm

Battery Meter, Plus World Clock
The Battery Meter is the best. It keeps me up to date with were my Battery usage is up to and everything. I m only 14 years old and I am just loving it, please keep me up to date with all the new updates with all your gadgets and please just thanks again.

04:43 pm

Good Gadget thanks
Works exactly as described on my Windows 7 x64 and Windows 2008 Server R2 x64 machines.

Aldrin Ngoma
06:50 am

Battery Meter
These gadgets are just awesome! can’t wait to to see the new ones! Good job guys. . . keep it up!

08:29 am

Battery Meter
This app works great. I bring my laptop with me almost everywhere. so this is great so i know how many mah im using based on looking at my cpu its great to use all the apps you need as they work toghether well. This app is great and very accurate. shows full batt info.

Compost Steve
11:53 am

Battery Meter
This Gadget is just what I needed. It doesn’t fill the desktop with extra menu’s. Works brilliantly. The download was very quick and simple. Thanks folks.

4:17 pm

Good Gadget thanks
Thank you a lot for the software this is a good gadget.
Wish i could help you for more developing like this one but i’m also a developer which i couldn’t feed all my needs any way thank you a lot and wish you all the best my friend.

11:38 pm

Battery Meter
The Battery Meter does what is was meant to do and I like very much! Also am very impressed with all the gadgets that are available too!!!

Philip Smith
2:57 am

Battery Meter
Works exactly as described on my Windows 7 x64 and Windows 2008 Server R2 x64 machines.

Bill Braski
3:37 am

New and improved
Really like the version 2 with audible alerts for low/full battery charge. Use it on my netbook computer. Nice!

4:23 pm

Addgadgets Battery Meter
Addgadgets Battery Meter is probably the most