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Activity: Gadget Anatomy | Leonardo Da Vinci

Classroom Activity

Lesson Plan

Main Idea: Close observation and sketching lead to a better understanding of how simple machines work.

Learning Objectives: Observe a gadget closely from several angles while it operates. Identify the elements, the simple machines, that are combined to make the gadgets. Show how the moving parts in machines relate to and affect each other. Create a clear diagram of how a machine works.

Time: approx. 30 minutes with one machine per group

Materials: paper, pencils with erasers, a selection of small machines with visible working parts (the more you have, the better): egg beater, cork screw, car jack, can opener, garlic press, tongs, monkey wrench, hand drill, Vise-Grips, the mechanism from a music box, wind up toy, pencil sharpener, stapler

Teaching Tip: Encourage students to draw systematically, starting at one point and drawing each part and connection in order. Emphasize that this kind of drawing, a machine diagram, should show how the machine works. It is not important that their diagram look exactly like the machine, for example, getting the exact proportions for the parts is less important than showing how they connect to each other. Encourage students to experiment with sketching enlarged views and cut-away views to show parts that are very small or obscured by other parts. Leonardo often left out the casing and structure surrounding machines in his illustrations so he could show the workings more clearly.


  1. Have students prepare to work in small groups (2-5).
  2. Provide each group with one gadget to examine in detail. Suggest that students take turns operating the gadget while the others watch to see how each part moves.
  3. Challenge each group to have a discussion about the gadget. Invite them to investigate their own questions as well.
  4. Place the gadget at rest so that everyone in the group can see it and distribute paper, pencils, and erasers.
  5. Students should begin sketching diagrams of their gadgets. They should draw the gadget from their own point of view first. Later they can trade places and draw it from different points of view to show all working parts.
  6. When the diagrams are completed, students should add arrows and written notes to indicate directions of motion for each part, label the simple machines involved, and explain connections.
  7. Have students display and explain their diagrams to other groups.
  8. If time permits, give each group a different gadget to investigate and sketch.


What is the function of this gadget? How many moving parts does it have? How are the moving parts connected to each other? What does each moving part do in the gadget? Which parts are simple machines?

Advanced Activity

Ask students to get their parents involved in helping them locate examples of machine diagrams from home. The instructions provided by manufacturers with bicycles, kitchen appliances, tools, and lawn mowers often contain explanatory diagrams to help you understand these machines. Auto repair manuals also contain dozens of these diagrams. Many construction sets such as Lego® and K’NEX® also have similar


Dandy Gadget – Dandy & Hot Gadget News + Reviews

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Some people were born with a passion for certain things, while others discover their interests at later points in life. If you’re someone who has always been hands-on and fascinated with technology, then you may have an interest in electronics.…

You might know about Moore’s Law, stating that the number of transistors on a circuit board would double every year. Given its longstanding accuracy, the theory has generally remained an acceptable way to measure the rate of technological improvement. A…

While the Icona Vulcano stole the show a few years ago with its hand-hammered titanium exterior and a staggering $2.6 million price tag, that was only the start of the titanium revolution. Lightweight and resistant to the elements, this durable metal…

Whether your law firm is riding the crest of a wave or being beaten up by rough surf, focussing on these points is a great way to take the next step forward.

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MoneySuperMarket’s Guide To Gadget Insurance

Does your home insurance cover your gadget?

Your home insurance policy will offer some level of cover for your gadgets, and this cover will be offered as part of your contents insurance policy.

Home insurance will only cover your gadgets if anything happens to them at home – unless you’ve opted for cover for each device outside the home too.

Claiming on your home insurance policy for your gadgets can make your home insurance premiums more expensive in the future.


According to MoneySuperMarket data, correct as of July 2018.

According to MoneySuperMarket home insurance enquiry data collected between January and July 2018

How will your home insurance protect your gadget?

Your home contents insurance policy can help to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your gadget if the damage or loss is caused by:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Theft and attempted theft
  • Lightning and storm
  • Flood
  • Malicious damage
  • Earthquakes and more

You’ll need to read the policy documents to see the full list of events that are covered as each policy differs. The policy will also list any claims where contents insurance won’t cover the cost.

Accidental damage will usually have to be added to your contents insurance policy to help cover your gadgets against spillage, cracked screens and more.

How do you add your gadget to your home insurance?

If your gadget is worth less than £350 (if it’s a laptop) or less than £1,000 (if it’s a mobile phone or other device), you won’t need to add the gadget individually to your contents insurance policy. Instead, include its value in your total contents value estimate to make sure it’s covered at home.

You can also include cover for more than one gadget or device by increasing the total contents value of the house to protect the family’s devices at home.


 According to MoneySuperMarket data, correct as of July 2018.

According to MoneySuperMarket home insurance enquiry data collected between January and July 2018

If a laptop is worth more than £350, or a mobile phone or another device is worth more than £1,000, you’ll need to add each device separately to your contents insurance policy. This is because they’re considered to be high value items, so you’ll need to name each one to make sure they’re covered.

Cover for your gadget away from home

You can add an extra level of cover to your contents insurance policy to protect your gadgets outside of the home (this level of cover is sometimes called ‘Personal Belongings/Possession’ or ‘All Risks’ cover).

Adding cover away from home helps to protect your device(s) against any physical damage or theft that might happen when you’re out and about. It can also cover your device in case it becomes lost.

Always read the policy wording to make sure you know what will and won’t be covered under ‘Personal Belongings/Possession’ or ‘All Risks’ protection because insurers might offer different levels of cover.

You’ll need to say whether you want to insure your high value items away from home when you add them to the contents insurance policy individually. Cover for your gadgets away from home will


17 incredible DIY gadget projects

We do love a good gadget project. From tinkering with Raspberry Pi microcomputers to automating our own homes, to coming up with cool renewable energy projects…we can’t stay away. (Click on titles for links.)

1. Raspberry Pi hack unlocks door when it hears a dog’s bark

Maker David Hunt created a clever hack for a door for dog owners who are tired of getting up to let Fido outside. Called Pi-Rex, it is a bark-activated (note, not voice activated, but bark activated) door.

2. Make a Battery with Spare Change

penny battery stackThe King of Random/via

“This teaches you how to build a battery with the spare change in your pocket. In just a few steps, a handful of pennies can power a small calculator or an LED bulb.” 3. Make a small wind turbine that kids can help build
“This project is meant to be easy enough for older kids and adults to do without too much experience. It’s a great way to brush up on your own skills or teach renewable energy basics to kids.”

4. Make a Steampunk Solar Night Light in 10 Steps

“Cheaply make a Steampunk solar night light for your home.” Because… why not!

5. Make an emergency light powered by fire and water

It is not only a neat project for creating an emergency light but also an excellent project for kids learning about science.

6. Turn an old laptop screen into a stand alone monitor

“We often hear of how using a second monitor can boost work efficiency by splitting up tasks between two screens. This project gives you a neat DIY way to get a second monitor hooked up while also re-purposing an old laptop and giving it new life.”

7. Home brewer makes a digital tap list using Raspberry Pi

“A first-time tinkerer going by the name SchrodingersDrunk on Reddit has rigged up this cool digital tap list display using our favorite DIY platform, Raspberry Pi, and a 19″ Samsung monitor. For those who want to follow in his footsteps, he’s made the project available on GitHub and answers questions over on Reddit.”

8. Make a hand-crank rechargeable flash light

“This DIY project takes on a gadget that can easily be bought in a store, but instead lets you use materials you already have to make something useful. It’s also a great way to build your maker skills.”

9. How to make a 35 watt solar panel out of broken solar cells

“This project is totally adaptable to the amount and size of solar cells you may have on hand, and the best part is that those discarded cells won’t become e-waste, but a functional, clean energy-producing solar panel instead.”

10. Make a simple microbial fuel cell

“Make a microbial fuel cell, a technology that harvests electrons that are a byproduct of bacteria breaking down organic matter to produce electricity, at home. This project lets you get up close with the science behind microbial fuel cells and learn about this type of


Download the Lottery Results Gadget

See real-time lottery results right on your Windows desktop!

Important! Before downloading, please review the requirements and installation instructions below.

We detect you are not using an operating system that is capable of using Windows gadgets.  The Lottery Results Gadget will only operate under Windows 10 or Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista.


  1. The gadget only works with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.  It will not work with Windows XP, Windows 98, Mac OS/X, Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, or other platforms.

    Note:  The gadget will also work with Windows 2008 Server or Windows 2008 R2 if the Sidebar is installed.

  2. The gadget is licensed for your personal use for free.  By downloading the software you are affirming your agreement to the license terms, which can be found here.

Installation Instructions

  1. After you click the Download Now button above, you will be asked if you want to Open or Save the download.

    Your Action: Click the Open button

    Click the Open button to install the gadget

  2. Next, Windows will warn you that the program you are opening will not be running inside the protected Internet “safe” area.  Because of this, you should only install Sidebar gadgets from companies that you trust, similar to how you would only open e-mail attachments from people you trust.

    Your Action: Click the Allow button

    Click the Allow button to continue installing the gadget

  3. The next box shows that the gadget you are installing has been signed (certified) by Speednet Group, the gadget Publisher.  (Speednet Group is the creator of Lottery Post.)  If the prompt does not show the Publisher as Speednet Group, then do not install the gadget.

    Your Action: Click the Install button

    Click the Install button after verifying Speednet Group as the Publisher

  4. Last, there will be a slight pause as the gadget is silently installed, and then you will see the gadget displayed at the top of your Sidebar (in Windows Vista) or on the Windows desktop area (in all other versions of Windows).  At that point installation is complete; you can begin configuring the gadget by clicking the Settings wrench icon, as indicated by the large arrow.

    Your Action: Click the Settings wrench icon

    Click the Settings wrench icon to start configuring the lottery results

That’s it!  Installing the Lottery Results Gadget is very fast and easy.

You will find several helpful arrows and prompts to help you configure the gadget for the first time.

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Inspector Gadget 2 – Wikiquote

Inspector Gadget 2 is a 2003 Disney film and a sequel to the 1999 film, in which a glitched Gadget once again has to fight his arch nemesis, Claw, with the aid of a female Gadget: G2.

Inspector Gadget[edit]

  • Remember, crime doesn’t pay.
  • Top Grade Axel Grease.
  • Relax, Mayor Wilson! It’s only toothpaste. Remember, kids: brush twice a day.
  • Stupid Glitches!
  • Go-Go Gadget, something to get me down there!
  • I’m looking for Dr. Claw.
  • (after hitting a stop sign) Who put that there!?
  • Uh-oh, I’m having a glitch attack!
  • Come on, Guys, Let’s Talk About it. Oh, Man, You’re Stretching my Sweater. Gadget Mobile, HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!
  • Fired? You can’t fire me. I quit!

Dr. Claw[edit]

  • That’s why you’re just minions, and I’m an evil genius.
  • Looks like Gadget finally found his true calling: Roto-Rooter Man. [cackles evilly]
  • Silence! Everyone, pay attention! Who could tell me what we need next to build a superweapon? The laser! The new experimental protoid laser thats being unvail at the Riverton science convention. But to take it, we are going to need a little diversion.
  • You’re wrong, Gadget. Crime ALWAYS pays. [chuckles]
  • The goose has arrived, ready to be cooked.
  • Gadget’s goose is cooked. More like, deep fried and burned into crisp.
  • Greetings, Mayor. I hope we don’t mind drop in at your little party. Everybody, stop right where you are! The festivities has just begun, and I promised it’s gonna be a gas, laughing gas, that is. [laughs evilly, while the balloon pops, releashing the laughing gas] That’s it. Laugh it up, Riverton, ’cause I’m having the last laugh now.
  • Ah, the lady Gadget. I’m so forward to meeting you. I hope you don’t fall victim to my magnetic charm.
  • (sees Penny:) Well, if it isn’t Mini-Gadget. GET HER!
  • (After dropping off Penny to her doom) She has sixty seconds. [cackling]
  • Don’t worry. Time for Gadget to go out with a bang.
  • [cackling evilly] I always like my Gadget… WELL DONE! [cackles]
  • [escaping inside a rocket with his cat] You may have won this round, but I’ll get you next time, Gadget. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • [first words] G2 reporting for duty. Sir!
  • I work alone.
  • I never need backup.
  • I guess if you have lemons, make lemonade.
  • Looks like this case is about to get wrapped up. Hey, I just made a joke.
  • [repeated line] Stop this felonious and unlawful act or I shall have to use force.
  • Very well, you were warned.
  • (after hearing Claw’s plan) We gotta tell Uncle Gadget. Come on.
  • Uncle Gadget, help!
  • (after getting caught) Hey, is this the place to get new bowling shoes?


  • What do you want?
  • Anything Else I Can Get You?
  • Sorry, We Don’t Serve Lobster Here.
  • (After Gadget Puts Axle Grease on His Hand) [Angrily] WHY YOU!!! (Angrily Raises his Fist to Punch Inspector Gadget)
  • Hey, Look! I’m Knocking His Block-off. [Laughing]
  • Oh, Look Boys. Malibu Barbie here is going

Intel Power Gadget 3.7.0 Download

It is supported on Windows and OS X, and includes an application, driver, and libraries to monitor and estimate real-time processor package power information in watts using the energy counters in the processor. With this release, we are providing functionality to evaluate power information on various platforms including notebooks, desktops. and servers.

Intel Power Gadget is a software-based power usage monitoring tool enabled for Intel Core processors (from 2nd Generation up to 7th Generation Intel Core processors). Intel Atom processors are not supported. It is supported on Windows and Mac OS X and includes an application, driver, and libraries to monitor and estimate real-time processor package power information in watts using the energy counters in the processor. With this release, we are providing functionality to evaluate power information on various platforms including notebooks, desktops and servers. Windows 7 and 32-bit versions of the Intel Power Gadget for Windows has ceased development from 3.0.7. Starting with version 3.5 and going forward, only the 64-bit version and Windows 8 will be supported.

Usages (Windows*):

Common use of Intel Power Gadget is to monitor energy usage of the processor

  • Provides processor power (Watts), temperature (Celsius) and frequency (MHz) in real-time via graph displayed in the GUI
  • Let you log the power and frequency measurements and save it in a csv format.
  • Double click on the desktop shortcut and the GUI will launch
  • Drag to move the GUI.
  • Right click the GUI and a pop-up menu will show up allowing you to choose options or close the application. Options have the following parameters. Click “Start Log” button in the GUI to start logging. Press the same button “Stop Log” to stop logging. While it’s logging, red label “REC” will blink in the power chart area.
  • You can choose to add time-stamp to the log file name or not.
  • You can choose the log file name.
  • You can choose to resize the GUI from 100% to 300% by dragging the slider and testing the new size with the “Apply Size” button and accept the changes by pressing “Ok”.
  • Screen Update Resolution lets you change how often the GUI is updated at runtime. This may range from 50 ms to 1000 ms. (Default set to 1000 ms)
  • Log Sampling Resolution lets you change the logging sampling resolution ranging from 1 ms to 1000 ms. (Default set to 100 ms)
  • In a multi-socket system, you can choose which package information to display in the GUI. The log will record all package information in a csv file.
  • Click “Start Log” button in the GUI to start logging. Press the same button “Stop Log” to stop logging. While it’s logging, red label “REC” will blink in the power chart area

What’s New:

  • macOS version updated to 3.7.0
  • Windows version updated to 3.9.5
  • Linux version updated to 2.5

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Gadget Cover | Mobile Phone Insurance

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