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The DigiBarn Computer Museum

New for May 2018 PCC #1!

People’s Computer Company newsletters (newspapers, really) first published in October 1972 from the People’s Computer Company in Menlo Park, California, the first public learning center for computers. PCC was the pioneer long before the Homebrew Computer Club or Computer Lib.

Check out PCC Vol. 1, No. 1. here. Thanks Bob Albrecht for providing these early computer cultural gems and Mike Naberezny for scanning them!


The passing of Bob Taylor, leader and innovator of the digital world (13 April, 2017)

Bob Taylor, Leader of laboratories and the “father of the Internet ”

Dr. Bruce Damer marks the sad passing in April 2017 of Bob Taylor, the innovative father of much of the digital technology that we use every day. Bob funded Doug Engelbart’s lab in the mid 1960s creating the first interactive computing information environment using a mouse and

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