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All Atlassian Gadgets – Gadgets and Dashboards 3.0

This is the big list of all Atlassian gadgets, where they come from and where you can put them.

For each gadget, we give a brief summary and links to further information on each of these topics:

  • Gadget name and description.
  • Publishing server – This is where the gadget gets its data.
  • Application version – The earliest version of the Atlassian application required to publish the gadget information.
  • How to use the gadget in JIRA.
  • How to use the gadget in Confluence.

On this page:

Displaying Bamboo Data in a Gadget

Bamboo Charts

Gadget Name:

Bamboo Charts


Displays various charts and plan statistics from a particular Bamboo server.

Publishing Server:

Bamboo. The gadget URL addresses the Bamboo server.

Application Version on Publishing Server:

Bamboo 2.4 and later.

Usage in JIRA:

You need Bamboo and JIRA. Summary of steps:

Usage in Confluence:

You need Bamboo and Confluence. Summary of steps:

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