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Welcome – Copyright Crash Course

The Copyright Crash Course (CCC) was originally created with faculty in mind, but can be used by anyone who is interested in understanding and managing their copyrights.The main subject area of the Course is arranged into several sections that allow users to explore certain areas of copyright law individually or as a group. Large subject areas (e.g. Fair Use) have been moved into their own guides and are available at the links below. 

Additional CCC Guides:

Copyright for Librarians

Creative Commons

Fair Use

Public Domain

The Copyright Crash Course was originally created by Georgia Harper and is currently maintained by Colleen Lyon at UT Libraries. Version 1 and Version 2 of the Copyright Crash Course are available via Texas ScholarWorks. You are using Version 3. The major difference with Version 3 is that large subject areas of the Copyright Crash Course have been moved to their own guides. The Creative

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