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CelesTrak Software Repository

CelesTrak Software Repository

Software Repository

To aid users of this system in obtaining quality satellite tracking software, the
following links are provided as a starting point:

  • Satellite Tracking Software by T.S. Kelso

    This is an index to some of the software packages I’ve developed. These
    include TrakStar, SGP4 Pascal Library, Pass Scheduler,
    and Pass Update.

  • Satellite Tracking Software Index

    A set of links to descriptions of various satellite tracking software
    packages for MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/NT, Unix, Macintosh, and Palm
    OS. Where possible, there is a link to a page which provides a description of
    the package and its features, together with sample screen shots and links to
    download the software or contact the author. This should be the first place

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