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Join the Battle for Net Neutrality

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted the

Open Internet Order

to protect Internet users from ISPs throttling traffic, censoring content,
and imposing unfair fees. But just a few years later, a new chairman of the FCC

killed net neutrality

by repealing the Open Internet order. It’s clear that we can’t count on unlected
bureaucrats to consistently defend our online freedoms, and we can’t rely on the
courts to overrule disastrous policy decisions, either. We need strong legislation
to protect net neutrality for as long as the Internet exists.

The Save the Internet Act of 2019

is a simple, three-page bill that would restore the Open Internet Order
enshrining net neutrality into law. Plain and simple. Read it for yourself below,
then contact your Congressional lawmakers to urge them to suport this important

S. 682 – The Save the Internet Act


To restore the open internet

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