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APU IMT Computer Store

While You’re Away

With COVID-19 Protocol in place, make sure to plug-in remotely with the right gear. Don’t be the online disrupter with bad gear. Join the class with the right equipment.

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About Us

The IMT Computer Store offers great deals on Apple products as well as peripherals for both Mac and PC. For the latest exclusive deals and discounts, visit the store on West Campus or check out the Computer Store Facebook page.

The Computer Store is located on West Campus on the west end of Heritage Court. We are an Apple authorized reseller that offers student discounts on all our products. We sell a variety of accessories including phone and laptop cases, speakers, headphones, cables, video games, and more.

Alumni Benefits

You came, you saw, you conquered… Now get those Alumni benefits you deserve

Repair Services

Through the good and the bad, our techs are here

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