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15.053 Optimization Methods in Business Analytics

This website is for MIT students who want to learn more about 15.053, Optimization Methods in Business Analytics.

15.053 is an introduction to optimization models and methods.

James Orlin is the E. Pennell Brookes (1917) Professor in Management and a Professor of Operations Research at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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Course content and goals

In 15.053, we present modeling techniques in optimization that are known as linear programming, integer programming, and nonlinear programming. Students can model optimization problems using spreadsheet optimization — e.g., Excel and Excel Solver (tutorial, spreadsheet) — or using an algebraic modeling language (Julia and JuMP). We also describe algorithms for optimization problems as well as general purpose heuristics.

The Spring 2018 syllabus of 15.053 is here. The subject evaluations for 2017 are here. Selected student comments from 2017 are here.

Our goal in 15.053 is to help students develop an “optimization

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