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This weird new gadget stops Amazon's Alexa spying on you


Your spying gadget needs an anti-spying gadget. Somewhere, John Le Carré sniggers.


It was the column that launched screams around America.

Last week, I wrote about a UK law firm that suggested Amazon’s Alexa and her cohorts should be switched off before you have any confidential work-related conversations.

Now that you’re likely working from home, this seemed like important news.

Naturally, I received many tweets from the nation’s freedom fighters, insisting that no, they’d never have an Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod in their castles.

However, I also heard from the inventively paranoid. Or, rather from the people behind Paranoid.

“Yo,” these people said. “We have a gadget for that.”

“Not another bloody gadget,” I grunted. “Isn’t it the ultimate in never-ending Horror Hall Of Mirrors when a new gadget tries to solve the security problem of another gadget?”

(Yes, I paraphrased that exchange somewhat.)

But here,

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