ACME Labs Software

ACME Labs is proud to make available a variety of software,
all free, some trivial, some massive, all high-quality.

ACME-brand Unix software:

  • ablog,
    a simple personal weblog maker.
  • acme_chat,
    interface to ACME News chat.
  • bigcal,
    make a 78-column version of the output of the “cal” command.
  • bigint,
    large integer package.
  • blackmilter,
    blacklist mail filter module.
  • brev,
    binary file-reversal program.
    Fun to use on raw sound files.
  • closest_fractions,
    show the closest rational approximations to a real.
  • coords,
    geographical coordinate conversion routines.
  • exif_copy,
    copy EXIF data from one JPEG to another.
  • countdown,
    count down a specified time interval.
  • date_offset,
    display date and time, with an offset.
  • date_parse,
    date-parsing routine and apps.
  • db,
    simple database manager.
  • factor,
    prime-factor numbers.
  • file_date,
    display the date of a given file.
  • file_stat,
    display all info for specified files.
  • find_old_files,
    find files older than a specified time-offset.
  • globe,
    show an ASCII graphic of the currently-lighted face of the Earth.
  • googrep,
    search text using a Google-style pattern.
  • graymilter,
    graylist mail filter module.
  • hgrep,
    highlight results of a grep.
  • http_get,
    get the contents of an HTTP URL.
  • http_load,
    multiprocessing HTTP test client.
  • http_ping,
    measure HTTP latency.
  • http_post,
    do a POST to an HTTP URL.
  • image_size,
    figure out the size of GIF, JPEG, XBM, or PNG files.
  • ipizer,
    improve a sendmail log file by adding IP addresses.
  • js_httpd,
    really small HTTP server in JavaScript.
  • lam,
    laminate two or more files.
  • libpnmrw,
    pbm/pgm/ppm read/write library.
  • libsmpw,
    self-maintaining getpwuid/getpwnam replacement.
  • mapext,
    map files from one extension to another via a specified command.
  • micro_httpd,
    really small HTTP server.
  • micro_inetd,
    simple network service spawner.
  • micro_proxy,
    really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy.
  • mini_httpd,
    small HTTP server.
  • mini_sendmail,
    accept email on behalf of real sendmail.
  • mod_sample,
    sample Apache module.
  • mudecode,
    turbocharged MIME / UU decoder.
  • newmail,
    watch for new mail.
  • oauth_sign,
    generate an OAuth signature.
  • overlay,
    overlay two or more files.
    Useful for composing ASCII pictures.
  • pbmplus,
    image file format conversion package.
  • phoon,
    show an ASCII graphic of the current phase of the moon.
  • random,
    print a random number.
  • randomize,
    shuffle lines in a file.
  • rcsscripts,
    shell scripts for using RCS.
  • revl,
    reverse lines in a file.
  • revpar,
    reverse a file by paragraphs.
  • sample_milter,
    example mail filter module.
  • saytime,
    talking clock for SPARCstations.
  • saywha,
    front-end for write(1) that records messages.
  • SecurePage,
    make self-decrypting web pages.
  • select,
    extract fields from simple text databases.
  • sfcmilter,
    sender-forgery-checker mail filter module.
  • sightliner,
    find sight lines for the sun and moon.
  • spfmilter,
    SPF mail filter module.
  • sub_proxy,
    really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy with substitution.
  • texttohtml,
    convert text to HTML.
  • thttpd,
    tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server.
  • thumbnail_index,
    make an HTML index file for a bunch of images.
  • users,
    list users, with line breaks and highlighting.
  • weblog_digest,
    summarize traffic bursts in a web log file.
  • weblog_parse,
    extract specified fields from a web log file.
  • xantfarm,
    simple ant farm for X11.
  • xbouncebits,
    bitmap animator for X11.
  • XIP,
    XML Iterative Parsing.
  • xml2c,
    convert an XML file into C struct/string declarations.
  • xmlrpc,
    do an XML-RPC call.
  • xphoon,
    phase of moon for X11.
  • xsleep,
    trivial program to sleep and exit, for X11.
  • xsplinefun,
    color doodle for X11.
  • xsquig,
    color doodle for X11.

PostScript hacks:

  • cd_cover,
    front and back cover sheets for a compact disc.
  • disk,
    a 3.5″ floppy disk in PostScript.
  • dot_crypto,
    cryptographic materials warning diamond for vehicles.
  • dot_radioactive,
    radioactive materials warning diamond for vehicles.
  • fake_ids,
    simple fake-i.d. toolkit in PostScript.
  • nameplate,
    PostScript for an office nameplate.
  • worm,
    PostScript design for a t-shirt comemerating the Internet Worm.

Modified net-stuff:

  • atob,
    faster version of the standard ASCII-to-binary converter.
  • gv,
    stripped-down version of ghostview.

Unmodified net-stuff that I wanted to archive just because it’s cool:

  • c.otto.c,
    a palindromic C program.
  • cc,
    a license-multiplexing front-end for the unbundled Solaris C compiler.
    I didn’t write this, I just found it in alt.hackers, supposedly posted
    by Scott McNealy!
  • country,
    a random country-music lyrics generator.
  • DeCSS,
    remove Cascading Style Sheets from HTML files.

Obsolete code that accesses the raw Sun frame buffer – no longer
useful but fun to look at:

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