• Public Policy & Advocacy

  • About Policy

    SIIA aggressively promotes and protects the interests of its member companies in legal and public policy debates by working with state, federal and international policymakers and participating in landmark legal decisions. SIIA supports the development of a robust global electronic marketplace that is diverse and highly competitive.

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  • IP Protection (IPP)

  • About IP Protection

    SIIA’s Intellectual Property Protection Division conducts a comprehensive, industry-wide campaign to protect and enforce the intellectual property rights of participating software and content companies. The pro-active campaign is premised on the notion that one must balance enforcement with education in order to be effective.

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  • Connectiv

  • About Connectiv

    Connectiv provides the tools, actionable insights and expertise to accelerate innovation and elevate the business information industry. Our association delivers access, insights and action through professional communities, world-class events, peer networking, strategic partnership opportunities, benchmarks and best practices, awards and recognition, and access to governmental policy advocacy. All of these activities accelerate innovation for member companies and their people.

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  • Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN)

  • About ETIN

    The SIIA Education Division serves and represents more than 180 member companies that provide software, digital content and other technologies that address educational needs. The Division shapes and supports the industry by providing leadership, advocacy, business development opportunities and critical market information.

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  • Financial Information Services (FISD)

  • About FISD

    FISD is a global non-profit industry forum that has served the financial information industry for 25 years. Our 184 global member companies recognize that market data distribution, efficient trade execution, and regulatory compliance require a high level of consistent and predictable service – all of which are dependent on the close cooperation of many independent organizations and systems. Industry stakeholders support FISD as the forum of choice to identify and resolve the business and technical issues that affect the administration, distribution and utilization of financial information.

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  • Specialized Information Publishers (SIPA)

  • About SIPA

    The Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) provides best practices, peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and innovative ideas for publishers, training/education providers and membership/subscription-based content providers. Since 1977, SIPA has helped information providers grow their businesses by providing resources to that aid in developing new revenue streams, making strategic and efficient operational decisions and creating new business opportunities.

    SIPA’s mission is to help publishers and information providers increase profitability through a culture of learning and exchange among industry peers. Members benefit from opportunities to network, share with and learn from leaders in all areas of publishing – management, marketing, editorial, IT, Web and mobile design, fulfillment and printing, social networking, and more.

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  • Software & Services Division (SSD)

  • About SSD

    SSD provides a forum for companies developing the applications, services, infrastructure and tools that are driving the software and services industry forward. Through the division, executives of member companies meet to brainstorm, collaborate, and discuss the industry’s latest challenges. The division’s many programs offer excellent vehicles for companies to develop partnerships, boost their profile, and gain strategic insight on key issues.

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