5. What are the key questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency?

How Long Will It Take To Rank My Business On Google?

Well, this is crucial, because if an agency promises to offer you the result in a month. It is a sign that they are not trusted resources.

How will you report to me the progress that you bring it to our website?

A good SEO agency will send you fortnightly or monthly reports, which has Google analytics about visitor’s traffic, rankings, and other business metrics and so on. They will also ask for confirmation before making any changes to the website and will explain to you the importance.

Can You Share Any References?

If the company offers its track record of past and current client’s profiles, and the results accomplished with them, you can easily identify their reputation in the industry.

What Are The Types of SEO Practices You Follow?

A good agency will master all these three SEO practices and would let you understand the role of each based on your business needs.

  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

 How will your team adapt to my business strategy?

As an experienced SEO agency, we will make the SEO strategy work for any business. We must be willing to address your concerns and pain points.

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