At one point in time SEO was something you could bolt onto a website to make an average or below average website rank as though it was best in class. In some cases that can still be done, but it is getting harder (and less profitable) each day.

As the web gets more competitive, effective SEO techniques will be viewed as a subset of marketing. With that in mind, we decided to create a full featured forward looking SEO training program covering: keyword selection, domain names, on page optimization, copywriting, blogging, site architecture, usability, analytics, PPC advertising, public relations, viral marketing, and link building.

Many of the concepts that relate to SEO but are not core to SEO are covered in other modules. Modules in the SEO training section include:

  • Why Search is so Powerful. Introduction article explains why search is unlike any other type of marketing.
  • Writing for Search Engines. Includes information about keyword research, on page optimization, user interaction with search results, site architecture, and robots control.
  • Off Site SEO. Includes many modules about link building, web directories, social interaction, blogging, and viral marketing.
  • User Engagement Metrics. Includes information about how search engines may evaluate user engagement metrics and fold those into their relevancy algorithms.
  • Search Engines. Compares and contrasts how to optimize for engines like Google and Microsoft’s Bing. Also discusses search engine submission, the history of search, and vertical search.
  • Buying and selling SEO services. Tips to help make the transaction go as smooth as possible either way.

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