What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the practice of adhering to the best practices set out by Google, Bing, etc., to ensure your business will get found by their users on the search results pages.

Are SEO services worth it for my manufacturing business?

Yes, but we’ll caution you: Search engines are tricky. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and aren’t completely transparent. This means you need to constantly monitor for updates — plus, you need to be careful to make sure you’re getting traffic from actual prospects, not bot traffic. We recommend you complement your SEO strategy with a listing on Thomasnet.com, where more than 950,000 verified, registered buyers looking for your products and services each month.

What is the best way to optimize my website?

There are numerous ways you can optimize your website. One piece of advice we always stress to our industrial clients is updating regularly — even if it’s just one or two blogs a month. We have a blog post on this very topic — check out these quick tips on optimizing your industrial website.

How do you perform keyword research?

SEO is about so much more than stuffing a ton of keywords on your website. There’s a lot that goes into boosting your rankings and, more importantly, converting visitors into customers. We perform tactic keyword research by evaluating how your specific target prospects search for the products and services you offer.

Should I still use Google Analytics?

Yes! Thomas and Google Analytics complement each other because they focus on different things. Together, they continually optimize your website and add to your sales pipeline. And don’t worry — we’re a Google Certified Partner! We’ll keep abreast of the latest algorithm changes and ranking factors, so you don’t have to.

How does Thomas’ SEO service work with Google’s Pay-Per-Click?

Our search marketing experts leverage proprietary Thomas industrial marketing keyword data and tested Adwords best practices to build targeted campaigns that deliver traffic and leads from your highest valued prospects. The team wins market share from your competitors, increases your keyword opportunities for targeted terms, and breaks into new areas that are extremely competitive in organic results. Paid search campaigns on Google are a perfect compliment to traditional SEO and provide for a faster, more complete search marketing strategy.

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