Our Proven SEO Process – 30,000ft View

Although every SEO campaign and every website is slightly different and unique in its own way, success leaves clues, and we spent a lot of time studying those clues.

Over the last 3 years we have carefully tracked, recorded and documented every SEO campaign that we have run for ourselves, and for every client. The result – we have reverse engineered what worked perfectly, what had some hiccups, and what we needed to take back to the drawing-board to make successful.

Today, we have a very clear, 168 step internal process which we follow for each and every client which enables us to get the predictable SEO results that our clients have come to love.

Although we won’t ever reveal what the 168 steps are exactly (I mean, you don’t expect Coca-Cola or KFC to reveal their formulas), below I have broken it down into 5 main sections to give you an idea of the sort of work we will be performing to ensure your website gets through to the top of the search results.

  1. Your Website foundation

The very first thing I look at when working with a new client is how their website is set up from an SEO perspective. Are the Meta Titles correctly set for the keywords you want to target, does your page load quickly, and can Google find its way around your code efficiently?

These, along with all of the best practises that you’ll see in big lists provided by other agencies, form the foundation of your website ‘on-page SEO’

  1. Building A Wider Base

Where the first step is quite ‘generic’, here is where we start to differ from the ordinary SEO in Brisbane.

The second step is to compare your website’s SEO, directly to those who are ranked in the top 3 of Google – and make sure your base is wider!

You see, most SEO agencies just do what is ‘best practise’ and never look at what is needed to compete with your competition. We crunch 500 points of data, across the top 100 websites in google, to find out exactly where your strengths, weaknesses and similarities are.

We then use high-tech math to identify the area’s that we need to further improve on your website in order to compete. Once your ‘base’ of on-page SEO is wider than your competitors, we move through to the third step.

  1. The Big SEO Building Blocks

Google loves links, that is a known fact. This is why our ‘building blocks’ involve ensuring your website is found in all the right locations for your industry, as well as where Google expects local businesses to be found such as TrueLocal, Facebook, Yellow Pages & LinkedIn.

What we do here, is what most agencies call their ‘link building’ – for us, it’s the very beginning!

  1. Reverse Engineering Competitors SEO

The fourth step is to reverse engineer the exact steps that your competitors have taken, and the exact link power that they have acquired in order to get to the top of Google. By using advanced SEO tools we have the power to take away the ‘head start’ that your competitors have, and to level the playing field.

  1. Building The Tallest SEO Tower

The last and final step in your search engine optimization Brisbane is to build you the tallest tower. What do I mean? Simple.

Although SEO isn’t overnight, just like trying to build the tallest tower, if we build quicker, and for longer than your competitors, with time you will catch them, and pass them. This is exactly the same as what we do with your SEO.

We continue to build, build and build, at a rate that is quicker than your competitors (as we discovered in part 4), and depending on your budget, will depend on how quickly we catch, and outrank them.

Obviously, this is the ‘30,000ft’ overview of what we do for your SEO campaign, but hopefully it helps to put your mind at ease with exactly what we’ll be doing for you as your seo company. It is essential that you stay safe online, so we recommend that all businesses refer to the StaySmartOnline website issued by the Australian Government.

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