People always ask me what I use for screen sharing. My answer: Screen Sharing. As in, “Screen,” which is built in to your mac. And guess what:

I’ll take it a step further:

Screen is the best screen sharing application around. You should use it if you can.

“But wait,” you say, “I don’t have it on my Mac. I’ve looked in my Applications folder and it doesn’t show up in Spotlight search.”

You have it! And you’re right: not only is it not where you expect it to be, but it doesn’t show up in Spotlight.

Where is Screen on my Mac?

It’s here: /System/Library/Core Services/Screen


  • Highest quality screen sharing experience
  • Fastest screen sharing experience
  • Both host and remote can control the screen
  • CMD+TAB changes the app on host machine
  • Based on VNC but waaaaayyyyy faster so Linux and Windows VNC users can connect to
  • Has observer-only mode if you want that
  • Clipboard syncing between remote/host


  • Requires a direct connection to host machine: VPN, IP Address, etc.
    • That means firewalls might block it.
  • Can be slow with slower internet connections

There are two ways:

Double-Click It

  • Go go Macintosh HD => System => Library => Core Services
  • Double-click on Screen
  • Enter the URL or IP address of the host machine

GO to it

  • Finder => Go => Connect To Server
  • Enter vnc://
  • Bonus: save the addresses by clicking the + button!

Now that I’ve convinced you to use Screen to remote pair, you need to allow screen sharing connections to your Mac in order to host:

  • System Preferences => Sharing
  • Screen Sharing: check it!
    • Note: The vnc://x.x.x.x address is the IP address on your local network people can use to connect to your machine. VPN users can likely use this address.

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