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Here you can learn to write a program for a robot bug. A program is a set of commands for a computer to do. Writing a program means giving instructions to a computer for it to execute. A program is stored in the memory of a computer. Executing a program runs the program from the computer’s memory. The computer will follow the instructions given.

With you get practice programming a computer! Kids and adults can have fun moving the bug around and drawing different designs.

Parents: Ask your child to have the robot bug walk in a pattern (square, triangle, etc). Use the grid to count the boxes. Ask your child to have the robot bug walk to a particular spot on the screen.

Start Programming

Select a programming mode (default is Easy Mode).

– Select Advanced Mode to do programming using a scripting language.

– Select Easy Mode to do programming by clicking on symbols.

Easy Mode – Lets you easily program by clicking on symbols to define your program.

Advanced Mode – Using a programming language, you write your program. This is how most programs are written for a computer.


Start Programming

Copyright 2011 Lawrence Goetz

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