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Hey, I’m happy that you’ve decided to visit our website today. We’re known as makers of Top Marketing Software and we take great pride in our work.

You are the reason we get up to work in the morning and focus on building the best marketing software for small business. You probably have a small business or you work in one. This is the place for you, because out of all the marketing software companies, there is a huge chance you’ll just love working with us.

Pick any product you like from our wide selection of marketing automation tools.

We can automate the way you do:

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Competitive Intelligence (Spying on your competitors’ marketing strategies)
  • Website Analysis
  • Personal Branding

These are the main players you’ll find in the Squirrly Marketing Cloud Software package:

  • Squirrly SEO
  • Squirrly SPY
  • Squirrly Social
  • Starbox
  • Website Analysis Plugin
  • ContentLook

If you have been working, like I have, with multiple software providers, then there is a high chance you’ve stumbled upon really big problems in which they’ve handled your Customer Support requests.

I can tell you right from the start that Excellence in Customer Service is something that we strive here at this company. It’s the reason why over 5,000 B2B (business to business) customers from over 90 countries have chosen us as software providers.

It’s not just that. They didn’t stop at buying just one of our products. They’ve purchased: year after year multiple top marketing software from our company.

Having been featured on Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, TechCrunch, Delivering Happiness, Boston.com, Wall-Street Journal, Forbes, SEO Hacker, Elegant Themes Blog and many others, is what helps us secure important leads.

You are the reason why we are doing this, and you will see that we never send you emails that you can’t reply to. We have a very serious no-no-reply policy. All the replies get read by someone on our team, and it’s the driving force behind many of the massive updates that we do each year.

If you’re already familiar with us, then you already know that we have about 3 new product launches each year, with multiple updates and multiple versions.

Once upon a time, Calin (CTO of Squirrly) and I (Florin, CEO of Squirrly) have created a powerful website builder platform, much like WordPress.com and Wix.com (only BETTER back in those days). Our focus on helping the customer take their website from “Never Seen” to “Superstar Popularity Level” was what intrigued many of our advisors at the time: including influential writers from TechCrunch Europe, one of SoundCloud’s first VC Investor, and other venture capitalists.

They couldn’t believe that the software components which helped our customers achieve great online visibility are so valuable and actually get the job done.

“Mentoring, Coaching, Consultancy” were always a big part of our Value Proposition (even back then, in the previous business). These were provided by the software components which we call Assistants. And the best part: all of these happen in automated ways. You don’t have to spend any extra time being coached or mentored, because everything is a part of the process of using our tools.

Now, this was before “parking assistants” and all the other assisted technology you see today.

These investors and advisors have pushed us to get out of the website builder business and take our amazing Assistant Software for Digital Marketing to WordPress, Shopify and all the other great CMS platforms out there.

It was the right call for us, and if you start using our top marketing software, you’ll see that these Assistants make a huge difference for the way you and your team work on your marketing strategies.

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