When using Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 on a computer running under Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7, you can also use Kaspersky Gadget.

Kaspersky Gadget is designed for quick access to the main features of the application: launching update, virtual keyboard, list of issues, protection status indication, scanning for viruses, viewing the application report, etc.

You can use the gadget to perform the following main tasks:

  • resume the application operation if it has been stopped;
  • open the main application window;
  • scan specified objects for viruses;
  • open the news window.

After you install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 on a computer running under Microsoft Windows 7/Vista, you should add the gadget to Windows Sidebar manually. For details on how to add the gadget to Windows sidebar, visit Microsoft official website.

Kaspersky Gadget color indicator displays your computer protection status in the same manner as the protection status indicator in the main application window:

  • green indicates that your computer is duly protected;
  • yellow indicates that there are protection problems;
  • red indicates that your security of your computer is at serious risk;
  • gray indicates that the application is stopped.

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