This software offers a new way to design modern video surveillance systems quickly and easily.

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With IP Video System Design Tool you can:

  • Increase efficiency of your security system while lowering costs finding the best camera locations.
  • Calculate precise camera lens focal lengthviewing angles and pixel density (PPM/PPF) in seconds.
  • Check  identification, recognition, observation, detection and monitoring zones of each camera on your site plan.
  • Minimize dead zones to increase the security level of your premises using 2D and 3D modeling.
  • Get estimations of required network bandwidth and calculate the required HDD storage space for video archives.
  • Load site plan or floor plan from JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF file. Import AutoCAD DWG drawings (Pro)
  • Print or export your project to PDF.  Copy your calculations, drawings and 3D mockups to MS Word, Excel, Visio or other software to create an excellent project documentation.


With IP Video System Design Tool you can calculate both network bandwidth and storage space for 30 camera resolutions and several compression methods, including H.264, H.265, Motion JPEG and MPEG-4. IP Video System Design Tool enables the system designer to find optimal FPS and compression that tailors to LAN capabilities and calculate required HDD storage space.

IP Video System Design Tool includes a field of view calculator, lens focal length, CCTV storage and bandwidth calculators, pixel density and resolution calculator and many other CCTV tools so you can design a video surveillance system quickly, easily and professionally.

How does it work?

Part 1: Camera installation drawing, field of view, lens focal length and pixel density

Part 2: Pixel density, camera zones, identification, recognition, detection and EN 62676-4: 2015

Part3: Working with site plan, adding obstacles and 3D models

Part4: 3D View Simulation, DVR View

    Camera Zone Coverage Calculation

    CCTV Floor plan modeling and camera Zone Coverage<br /> Calculation

    Camera Installation Plan


    Network Bandwidth and Storage Space Requrements Calculation


    CCTV Camera Design - 3D Mockups

    Realistic 3D models help create visually attractive proposals and video surveillance projects that stand out.


    User 3D models import function (Pro version) allows to import free 3D models from Google 3D Warehouse and from other 3D software that supports open Collada format.

    User 3D models import function (Pro version) allows to import free 3D models from Google 3D Warehouse and from other 3D software that supports open Collada format.


    What people say about this software?

    JVSG recommended by "Digital Video Surveillance and Security," book

    -”If you google “lens calculator” a number will come up for you to use or you can choose the IP Video System Design Tool, a small undiscovered gem.

    Pages 234, 235, “Digital Video Surveillance & Security” book, Second Edition, ISBN-10: 0124200427  by Anthony C. Caputo, 2014


    – “JVSG’s IP Video System Design Tool is a must have for any system designer. There is no need for guesswork anymore. Using this excellent feature rich software you can design a detailed and accurate system from the comfort of your office. No more blind spots or miscalculated lens sizes. It truly is a must have!‘

    Stephen Cronshaw  , Field Technical Services Engineer
    ADI Global Distribution


    – “I have been using the JVSG IP CCTV designing software since 2010. Buying this software has been the best business investment! The software is not complicated to use and is very user-friendly. Besides the calculators, the 3D picture is my favorite software feature. I believe the JVSG IP CCTV software is the best design tool on the market and I highly recommend this product to video system designers.”

    Dario Dzinic  , CAS, CFC, CCI
    Senior Security Consultant, IRISS Security Solutions

    – “I started to design video surveillance systems relatively recently. Shortly after, I realized that I needed something to better evaluate the planned design. Vendors and the web give plenty of tools, but I was surprised no one could show you what you would really get on the operator screen and an estimation of the effectiveness of the camera placement. JVSG’s IP Design Tool does all these things in a very intuitive way.

    Marco Desiati , Network Infrastructure Consultant,
    Anixter, Italy

    – “I love IP Video System Design Tool. It allows me to provide a sophisticated CCTV camera layout to prospective customers for many applications such as Video Analytics, General Surveillance, LPR and more. The fact that I can calculate pixels per foot, the object percentage of FOV, height, angle, object distance and other parameters is amazing.”

    Greg Skarvelis , Director of Sales Enablement
    Verint Video Intelligence Systems,, US

    – “Anyone seriously working in the CCTV business should use JVSG IP Video or CCTV design tools. It is great to visualize the effects of different camera positions and the use of different lenses. It shows even in 3D!! By using this software, it is very easy to show the installer or end-users  what the end-result will be per camera.”

    Norman Graafsma , Independent CCTV consultant, DUVICON CCTV Consultancy,, the Netherlands


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    PDF PresentationCCTV Design Tool: IP Video System Design Tool

    White Paper: From CCTV Pre-visualization of Design to Fruition – by Jay C. McCormick  PSP, CAHSO, ESCO Communications

    Case Study: LENSEC uses IP Video System Design Tool by JVSG to easily design large scale surveillance systems and mutually understand client requirements in a better way through 3D visual models – Jamie Bradford , Director of Solutions, LENSEC


    Who uses our software?

    Over 5000 companies design video surveillance systems with the help of IP Video System Design Tool.

    CCTV and security integrators, CCTV manufacturers, end users


    How to download 90 day trial version?

    To download the latest version 10 [Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP SP2, ZIP, 290 MB]  or version 9.2 please click here.

    Some 3D models for the Pro version can be downloaded here.

    Instructions for Mac OS users.

    This version includes English, German, French,  Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish,  Czech, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Turkish and Romanian localizations.

    We recommend to use AMD Radeon or NVidia GForce graphics cards for large video surveillance projects.


    How to purchase?

    You can purchase the software fast and secure using Credit Cards or PayPal via our e-commerce provider. Also it is possible to use ACH, Direct Debit, Purchase Orders,  Money Bookers, Local Bank Transfer or International Wire Transfer.

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