Welcome to Gadgetoff!

Gadgetoff is an invitation-only event that takes place
annually in and around New York City. Our early focus on
gadgets has dramatically expanded and we are now a celebration of technical and artistic innovation
and a salon to ponder the future. All of our guests participate and include inventors, entrepreneurs,
educators, artists, creators, visionaries and geniuses.

Events: Gadgetoff 2009
was our last event and it was held on
September 25th, 2009.  It was completely sold
out and viewed by many to be our “best event ever”. 
We are still recovering from Gadgetoff 2009 and have
not started planning a future event at this time.

Previous Event:
Gadgetoff 2007, held on September 28th,
ferried more than 300 participants from
the ultra-mod IAC building in New York to
New Jersey’s Liberty State Park and the
newly reopened Liberty Science Center. It
was an exhilarating opportunity to have the
most disruptive thinkers, the most daring
scientists, the looniest designers,
courageous explorers— innovators young and
old— see the latest robots, craziest
vehicles, “hottest” flaming art, wildest
displays, newest gadgets, and to sample the
strangest, new-fangled foods and drinks.

We were dazzled by more than 40
presentations: from the head of DARPA to the
most notorious hackers and electronic graffiti
artists; from experts in prolonging life to
those engineering new life (both “virtual” and
very real.) Galleries were filled with sneak
previews of the latest jaw-dropping technology
and demonstrations fresh from the lab or the
garage! Guests carried home literally tons of
goodies in their mind-numbing “Gadgetbags.” More
wonderfully, they shared their ideas and talents
with a community of friends and collaborators
who will help them design the future.

We invite you to take a look at
the latest Gadgetoff:

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