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Welcome to the Dictionary of Programming Languages, a compendium
of computer coding methods assembled to provide information and
aid your appreciation for computer science history.

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Here are some other sites that have surveys or dictionaries
of programming languages.

NCSA Computing Languages List

Pretty broad list, with short descriptions and links for most entries. Also
includes some data-description and formatting languages.

[Large flat HTML file with links]

Tunes Review of Programming Languages

As part of the TUNES project, F. Rideau is examining all existing languages,
operating systems, virtual machines, and UI systems. This language list is
pretty broad, contains both subjective and objective critique of
the various languages, and the related reviews under the main
reviews page are also pretty cool.

[Large flat HTML file, some links]


More Programming Language Resource Links..

Some more resource links with descriptions.


WWW Virtual Library: Computing, Programming Languages

A nice list, not exceptionally broad, but with links for every topic.

[Large flat HTML file, many links]

Descriptions in this dictionary are ©1997-99 Neal Ziring. Some
examples copyright of their respective authors. Some
technologies and languages are trademarked. Permission to
copy descriptions is granted as long as authorship credit is preserved.

Comments on this dictionary, corrections and suggestions, are all welcome.
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Dictionary and script maintained by Neal Ziring, last major modifications 3/18/98. Most recent
additions to dictionary and master list, 1/00.

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