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Note added 4/21/20 by Marc Levoy:

Except for links to People > Faculty, this web site has become outdated. Most
links to Research projects, Courses in graphics, Technical publications, Slides
from talks, Software packages, Data archives, and Cool Demos still function and
might be useful. However, links to people other than faculty, infrastructure,
and opportunities for students are likely broken or irrelevant.

News flashes:

  • 11/26/19
    Marc Levoy’s team
    has published a new article
    in the Google Research Blog
    astrophotography on Pixel 4.
  • 10/28/19
    Marc Levoy’s team
    has open-sourced an
    for retrieving dual-pixel data from recent Pixel phones.
    Useful for computing depth from single-camera phones.
  • 10/28/19
    Marc Levoy’s team in Google Research
    has published a paper in
    SIGGRAPH Asia (and
    describing how
    Night Sight works on Pixel 3.
  • 10/16/18
    Marc Levoy’s and Peyman Milanfar’s teams at Google Research
    collaborated on
    Super Res Zoom on the Pixel 3.
  • 7/24/16
    Marc Levoy’s
    paper with Google Research on

    Synthetic Depth-of-Field with a Single-Camera Mobile Phone

    has been published in SIGGRAPH 2018.
  • 8/26/16 – Here is a version of
    Marc Levoy’s
    CS 178 (Digital Photography) taught at Google,

    of the lectures (also on
  • 6/30/14
    Marc Levoy retires from Stanford to become full-time
    at Google.
    See his
    home page
    for details.

    Available information:

    In addition to the links above,
    each faculty member’s home page summarizes their own research projects,
    and some include links to invited talks.
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