We’re a community for techies, and for people curious about tech. We’ve been creating entertaining and educational tech videos on YouTube since 2007.

We have created entertaining and educational tech videos just for you! You’re the lifeblood of the Computer Clan. Tag along for the fun.

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The Computer Clan was built by many collaborators and dedicated techies! However, there are two people at the helm…

KEN doe

I started YouTube in 2007, and have been making videos ever since. My goal is to create an inviting tech community for you, and to create bad-ass videos that you’ll love. If you have a question or comment, message me here. : )

brent penrose

I have a passion for computer tech that dates back to times before I could even read. I’m certified in CompTIA A+ and Network+, and create graphic designs.

With over 100,000 subscribers, and over 25,000,000 views, we’ve been noticed. In addition to collaborating with others, content creators have featured our material in their own works, and we’ve been approached by 3rd parties.

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